Hello, to all that are reading this.

I would like to say there are many mentions for this list that I could've put on, though subsequently, they did not make the list. I will include them in the honorable mentions just before number one. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

20: It Came from the Nightosphere (Season 2, Episode 1)

It came from the nightosphere by p4koseries-d54mlaz

In this episode, Marceline reveals her past history with her dad. After Finn inadvertently frees her dad from the Nighosphere without Marceline's consent, he and Marceline try and stop her dad before he sucks the soul of everyone in Ooo. In the end, Marceline and her dad reconcile...just before Finn stabs him. An interesting and humorous episode with a heart-warming ending, one of the best from Season 2. Plus, the song at the beginning was quite pleasant.

19: Mystery Train (Season 2, Episode 11)

Finn's elaborate birthday murder-mystery was quite an amusing tale. Of course, it's the one guy that everyone expects, though that doesn't take away from the unusuality of the episode.

18: Goliad (Season 4, Episode 10)

Adventure time goliad-preview-clip-1 240x135

Man, talk about characters that make an impression. Goliad was designed by Princess Bubblegum to rule the kingdom after her demise. However, once we realise she's not all she seems, we start to fear for the wellbeing of the Candy Kingdom. Another hilarious and interesting episode with a somewhat sweet ending.

17: Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (Season 1, Episode 10)

Finn's drive to be a hero is explained in this episode, and his caring for others is simply uncanny. Funny along with entertaining, it shows Finn's determination, even when the going gets tough.

16: A Glitch Is A Glitch (Season 5, Episode 15)

Sometimes, different episodes are better. Ice King's plan to delete everything except himself and PB, of course, falls through. The unique 3D style animation in this episode combined with the humor and the ludicrous scenario all adds up to an enjoyable experience. 

15: Marceline's Closet (Season 3, Episode 21)

The premise for this one is simple. Finn and Jake are stuck in Marceline's closet during a game of hide and seek. This episode is just hilarious. From Jake getting scared by the spider to Finn seeing Marceline naked, this episode is just a huge barrel of laughs.

14: Rainy Day Daydream (Season 1, Episode 23)

In a world where knife storms happen, you wouldn't think you'd need an imagination. But in this episode, Jake's vivid imagination proves to be somewhat troublesome when Finn and Jake are stuck inside. Even when Finn turns off Jake's imagination, this episode is fun and interesting.

13: Incendium (Season 3, Episode 26)


When Jake's bud is depressed over PB's rejection, he sets off to find her a new "lady for his laddy". Though Jake ultimately fails to win over Flame King initially, he inadvertently earns his respect, and grants Finn Flame Princess...whom happens to be evil. In the end it all works out for the best, with Finn developing a new crush.

12: Ocean of Fear (Season 1, Episode 16)

Finn's fear of the ocean gets the better of him in this episode. Though it's not the most interesting or funny episode, it is a decent one with the Fear Feaster providing an interesting opponent for Finn, one that he cannot yet conquer.

11: No One Can Hear You (Season 3, Episode 15)

That deer! This unusually creepy episode shows just how crazy things can go when the world is nearly over. Here, Finn gets his legs broken by a deer, and wakes up some time later. He meets Jake, whom is convinced they are all planning a surprise party for him. As the episode unravels, we start to get more concerned about Jake, and just whereabouts everyone is. The ending though, is ultimately the best part.

10: Mystery Dungeon (Season 5, Episode 8)

This episode brings together characters that are rarely seen together. When Tree Trunks, Shelby, Lemongrab, Ice King and NEPTR wake up in a dungeon, they work together to find an escape. Of course, in the end, it was all Ice King's fault, as he wanted to bring his Fionna and Cake stories to life.

9: Fionna & Cake (Season 3, Episode 9)


I think this episode is one of the most well-known of Adventure Time, and with good reason. A unique "What if?" episode, showing what would happen if all the genders of the characters would be reversed. Most are extremely accurate, with Fionna being the same adventurous, if a little naive protagonist. Jake, however, seemed to change rather dramatically, though this doesn't take away from the experience.

8: The Lich/Finn the Human/Jake the Dog (Season 4, Episode 26/Season 5, Episode 1/2)

Yes this is technically cheating, though this is my list, and two/three part episodes count as one. This is one huge story. The Lich possessed Billy, and then tricks Finn into helping him. This episode is on the more complex side, though it made up for it in simple awesomeness.

7: Holly Jolly Secrets (Season 3, Episode 19/20)

An interesting fact you may not know about these episodes is that they were temporarily banned in Australia, though no longer are. We find out some mega info here, to do with Ice King's past. Surprisingly heartfelt at the end, these episodes are interesting and unique, especially building up to the climax of the final tape. 

6: Princess Cookie (Season 4, Episode 13)

I was surprised at how good this episode was, especially considering the somewhat adult themes of transgenders and suicide, though not too severe. This was an unusual, yet at the same time emotional episode of the show, one which has proven to be popular.

5: Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil (Season 2, Episode 24/25)

Another Lich episode here, though this one was slightly superior. I liked this one because it brought the snail, a background character in every episode, towards the main plot. It was a rather dark episode in comparison to those before it, managing to balance the sinister theme with humor along the way.

4: Thank You (Season 3, Episode 17)
185px-442px-Adventure time thank you youtube 012 0004

You know those episodes of a TV show that rarely features the main characters? This is one of them. When a snow golem finds a forgotten Fire Wolf pup, he decides to take care of it, until he returns it to the pack. Finn and Jake, meanwhile, try and destroy the Ice Kings armor. Though barely a word was said, the simply beautiful story managed to be portrayed solely through the actions of the characters.

3: Simon & Marcy (Season 5, Episode 14)

Marceline tells Finn and Jake a story from 996 years ago. If you haven't seen the previous episodes hinting at Marceline and the Ice King's, or should I say Simon's past relationships, watch them first. This one follows on from the events of "I Remember You" and "Holly Jolly Secrets" to give us more information about the Mushroom War, Simon and Marceline's childhood.

2: What Was Missing (Season 3, Episode 10)

S3e10 Marceline and Bubblegum miffed111
I think the brilliance of this episode was mostly overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Marceline and PB. That aside, the groups attempts to try and get their items back from the Door Lord provide something the show has never offered before. Finn's "My Best Friends in the World" song was great, only overshadowed by Marceline's "I'm Just Your Problem", which I still believe is the best Adventure Time song to date. This episode was heartfelt and sincere, with Finn (as always) playing the hero of the story, whilst all else fails. Marceline and PB's relationship also shows the greatness of the episode. Though never fully stated, there is strongly implied about their past, which is often left open to interpretation.

Now, before I say number one, here are some honorable mentions.

  • Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel (Season 6, Episode 1/2)
  • Dungeon (Season 1, Episode 18)
  • Go With Me (Season 2, Episode 20)

1: I Remember You (Season 4, Episode 25)

I don't see how this couldn't be number one. The Ice King and Marceline's past is brought to life here, and it hits you like a missile. Though we never see Marceline and the Ice King during the war until the final few moments of the episode, the songs of this episode show how much the crown has changed Simon, and how Marceline is having to deal with someone she no longer knows. Marceline stands out in this episode as the most honest and sincere character, though the Ice King stands out as this is one of the few instances where he's not the villain. This episode is the most memorable one of Adventure Time, and for good reason.