Project Genesis
Chapter 4: Escape

"…The sedatives are not working professor!" A voice said… The Flame Princess, otherwise known as Subject F-0 to the Humans, wasn't conscious for a day. Unfortunately for the humans, they didn't study her species for a long time.

"Where am I?" The Flame Princess asked.

"It's sentient!" A scientist exclaimed

"No… she's sentient." Another scientist said.

There were 2 scientists and 3 lab assistans in the area.

"Charles, you can't be kind to… her. She's a primative."

"Ryan… I can handle this… just open the doors, she might know something that might be useful to us…"

"Ok… but I'm closing the doors after and if she's going to attack, you're going to die first…"

Then, the doors of the containment area opened. The scientist, Charles, went into the containment area where FP was in…

The Flame Princess was scared… She didn't know if the scientist was going to hurt her. She lighted up her flames just in case.

"Don't worry… I won't hurt you…" Charles said to comfort FP.

"…Are you sure?" Asked the scared Flame Princess.

"Yes… I'm sure…. What's your name?"

"…I remember my name… I'm the Flame Princess."

"You're royalty? Good! Now, what's your age?"

"I'm 14…"

Then, suddenly, Ryan contacted Charles, saying "You better get out of there now… the lead professor of this project may be very angry with you…"

"Ok Ryan, I'll be right there." He responded. "I'll be back soon, ok?"

"Ok" FP responded

A few hours later near the containment area…

The two men, the lead professor and Charles

"What is the meaning of this Charles?"The lead professor exclaimed at Charles very loudly.

"What are you talking about Professor Richard?" Charles asked.

"I'm talking about you! You're socializing with… that primative! They could have turned you into your side or gathered information from you!"

"Chief, sir, I am under the impression that she is a teenager. You seriously can't perform harmful expirements on a teenager."

"Charles… I can't let you jeapordize this project. You are just like the guys from Safehouse 63. These experiments will help us in our battle against it's species! This will result in less to no mothers mourning for their sons!"

Richard then got his pistol and directed it to Charles

"Are you really willing to violate the rights of a pubescent? If you're going to do that, you're going to violate several laws!"

"Charles… you are one of Humanity's greatest disappointments… And therefore… I must have to kill you."

Then, Charles said this: "You're making a big mis-", however, he was inerrupted. He was shot in the chest. He lost a lot of blood.

"Restrain the primative… I want the needles in 5."Commanded the Chief scientist.

"Yes sir!" Responded the 3 soldiers under the chief scientist's command.

The doors opened… 2 Soldiers wearing armor that wouldn't protect them from fire, went inside the containment area. The Flame Princess, terrified, threw fire at the 2 soldiers, instantly vaporizing them…

"Privates! What's your status, privates!" The chief exclaimed.

The Flame Princess then fired at the doors.

"Warning, containment doors overheating… Warning, electrical wires burning." A voice said in an Indian accent said.

"Get out of here! Go! Go! Go!" Said a soldier

The other scientists went out of the facility on time, closing the doors heading for the main laboratories.

"Warning, unable to power doors. Doors opening." The voice said again.

The Flame Princess then went up the vents, travelling there in fast speeds, trying to find an escape route.

"Containment areas breached, sealing all home doors in residential and commercial areas to prevent spread of biological threats or any other threats posed from the containment area" The voice said.

Then, an announcement in the lower bunker levels was heard.

"This Is chief scientist Richard, security forces 9 and 10 proceed to Laboratory Level 3, we are expecting F-0 to come down the vents in that area."

Then, as predicted, the Flame Princess went down the vents in a room in the laboratories. The soldiers waited… as the door's electrical wires burned, the soldiers fired at her… with no apparent, effect, she just burnt them to a crisp.

She then took an elevator leading to the mini-biosphere of the Safehouse, burning everything in her way. A number of soldiers went to that area using the same, weapons, and as usual, they were burned to a crisp.

A hot conversation was heard in the whole safehouse speakers between the President of the safehouse and the Chief Scientist.

"45% of Security forces are expendable! Focus all of them on F-0!" Said the Chief Professor

"No! I am not wasting our security forces on a lost cause! Stand down Richard." Said the President

While in the mini-biosphere, FP was busy taking care of the soldiers.

"F-0 is over there!" Exclaimed a soldier.

"For the last time, I am not your so-called F-0! I AM THE FLAME PRINCESS!" The Flame Princess said angrily. She then vaporized a security team who were in her way. She was one step closer to escape.

With all the damage done by her, the bunker was damaged. Electrical wires were burning and then cut power to the cooling systems of the bunker's Nuclear Power Plant.

"Warning, cooling systems not functional… It is highly possible that the nuclear core may explode at any moment… attempting shutdown…. Negative." The AI said which updated the status of the bunker said. However, it was only limited to the Command and Control Center

"What's the problem AI Nanny?" The President asked

"The doors that seal the bunker from the rest of the world is taking up too much power. We would have to open it in order for me to divert the power to make the reactor coolers cool the nuclear power plant faster. However, F-0 will escape."

"Don't do that AI Nanny!" The Chief Scientist exclaimed

"You're sacrificing too much Richard… The primatives you hate will actually win if you let this happen…" The President reasoned.


"You know that can't happen Richard… Let me do this and Humanity will still win…"

"All…right." Richard accepted with utter pain.

The doors then opened. A tired Flame Princess who faced a lot of useless resistance, finally found an exit. She then tried to find the tree fort where Finn lived in. It was nighttime during the escape…

Another few hours later…

Finn woke up after seeing some flames outside. He checked to find out what was happening. He then saw the Flame Princess, who hugged him until Finn broke the hug after it being too hot. The Flame Princess was crying… and Finn didn't know why.