Project Genesis

Chapter 3: Lost Technologies

As the doors opened, Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum were amazed on what they saw. What they saw was intact human technology. Sealed on a bunker, waiting to be discovered this whole time…

“Let’s check it out.” Finn suggested excitedly.

“Ok!” PB responded.

Everything they couldn’t imagine was there. There were cars, there were pictures and even pictures of the skyline of the old city of New York!
Princess Bubblegum was more focused on the Scientific areas of the legacy bunker, while Finn and Jake were busy seeing the maps of Earth, hoping that they could use it to find many interesting things in the world.

“There are so many undiscovered scientific discoveries!” Exclaimed PB

“Wow! The maps are pretty detailed!” Finn and Jake exclaimed.

After a few hours of exploring the legacy bunker, Finn separated with Jake and was surprised to see another door.
“Where does this door lead to?” He asked.

“It leads to Safehouse 6, You’re lucky I didn’t report this to the humans, primitive. My creators would’ve opened that door and slaughtered you…” Legacy said.

“Huh?” Finn said as he was surprised. He also felt discouraged that his species would do such a thing.

“…That was a joke. But more importantly, I can see what you are doing here.”

“Oh… Bad joke anyways.”

“This conversation is over.”

Finn still didn’t move over that quick exchange. Therefore, he didn’t try opening the door at all.

Night has fallen. Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum were sleepy. Therefore, they decided to go out of the bunker and go to their respective homes.

“So, primitives, leaving so soon?” Asked Legacy

Finn yawned and responded with “It’s late, we have to sleep now..”

“Yeah, We must depart now to our homes.” PB said.

“Aww, I was having fun watching primitives being shocked at what my creators did. Especially that pink girl… That was a joke.”

PB then looked back at Legacy’s tertiary core with a grumpy face and only responded with a “hmph”.

The 3 then departed from the bunker and went to their respective homes.

Somewhere in Ooo…

“I am detecting a strong heat signature in this area… Would these irradiated people have a technology that could do this? It’s actually… moving” Said a scout.

“That’s strange… let’s see if something is near this lake… Woah…”
“Woah what Captain Richard?” Asked the scout right behind him.

“It’s technology… it’s actually… a moving flame!”
“Oh great… a new thing to experiment on..”

“Get your sniper… we’re firing at it’s knee.”


The scout then fired bullets at the fire elemental. To no avail, it failed. It only angered her.

She revealed her face. She had 2 gems on her body, her hair was going upwards and was fiery. Her name, was the Flame Princess.

She then fired some fireballs at the 2 scouts.

“TAKE COVER!” The captain exclaimed.

“Go to the lake!” The captain ordered.

“What?! Are you crazy?! Our armor isn’t capable of withstanding fire from that thing!” The scout reasoned.
“Just go Sergeant Wittle!”
“Aye aye”

The 2 ran towards the lake, where the Flame Princess was. With quick agility, they were able to avoid the fireballs the Flame Princess fired at them. Immediately, they jumped into the lake.

As stubborn as the idea is, FP dived into the lake, hurting herself. She tried to go back to land. But to no avail, she drowned.
Lucky for her, the scouts needed her. The 2 scouts rescued her from drowning and brought her back to the safehouse they came from…

Safehouse 12

The Flame Princess woke up from unconsciousness… restrained in a lab. She saw 3 men talking, two soldiers and a scientist.

“This is an interesting specimen you found Scout team Twelve O’nine, good job. However, revealing what we will do to her will however… result in your deaths.” The scientist said.

“Yes sir… We won’t reveal anything” Said the captain of the team.

“Good, now go to your respective cabins. Doctor, inject sedatives to Specimen F-0. We need her alive.

“Subject… Ah! F-0?...” Were the Flame Princess’ final words before being unconscious again.

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