Project Genesis

Prologie: A Grim Past

A Thousand Years ago, a war broke between all nations of the world. This war started when the nation of the USSR invaded nations and the US tried to intervene. This became known as the Mushroom War by the primative species located in the Land of Ooo. This war ended when nuclear weapons were fired by warring factions at one another, which irradiated the whole world.

However, Humans were never extinct, the remnants of the Human race were hidden in underground bunkers that protected them from radiation. These bunkers were known as “Safehouses” . Each safehouse could store about 1,200 Humans for more than 2,000 Years.

These Safehouses were part of a Preservation Project by an anonymous group of men, this project was known as Project Genesis. These shelters were advertised only to those deemed worthy of being in the shelter.

The plan involved the construction of 120 Safehouses in various nations. Then, safehouses would then open after the environment outside it was deemed safe for human life

1988, USSR, Unknown Missile Base

“Comrade! We arelosing the war. We can’t afford to lose any more…” Said a Russian Commander

“Do Svidaniya, Comrade. We are firing the nuclear missiles them.” As the commander was about to push a button that would fire nuclear missiles at enemy cities.

“You have to be insane! That action could destroy the world!”

“Better that!” The Russian commander exclaimed. He then got his gun and threatened to shoot his fellow soldier. “Lieutenant, if you do not suppor this, I’m going to have to shoot you.”

“Ok, ok. I support you.” Responded the Lieutenant.

Then, at a blink of an eye, the commander immediately pushed the button, launching all nuclear missiles located in Russia to their enemies. As usual, the immediate response of other nations would be to fire their missiles as well… therefore irradiating much of the world and killing billions of people. There were no winners of this war… only all of them lost.

The only survivors were the people who were chosen to be in Project Genesis. There, the last Humans of the world lived and developed technology for various reasons.

After a series of nukes were detonated simultaneously at Earth, known as Ooo to the primatives, a huge crater was created and destroyed all shelters in the craters vicinity.

Life was mutated due to the radiation. What the remaining humans would face was crazy. Candy as people, Rainbows flying and trying to eat them and much more.

After a thousand years after the war, only 67 Safehouses remained operational.

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