Project Genesis

Chapter 2: Revalations

A few minutes earlier…

“This is Scout Team 613, requesting permission to enter safehouse” Said a man who was in a white armor, who held a gun. He was a sergeant.

“Scout team Six-Thirteen, you are cleared to enter the safehouse” Responded a woman who was operating communications in Safehouse 6.

“Opening the doors… damn them for putting hard codes in this place.” Complained the man who was entering the code.

“Private… you better open those doors fast..” Said the sergeant.

“Why? Oh wait… 2 rainbows and they’re coming at us fast!”

“OPEN THEM NOW! I’ll hold it off as long as I can!” Said the sergeant as he got his gun and fired at the creatures. “Die you irradiated scum!”

“We’re going to eat you.” A rainicorn said as it proceeded to bite the private. However, with quick action, the sergeant then shielded the private.

“Open that ga- AH!”

“Sergeant Riley!” Exclaimed the private. But, another rainicorn bit and ultimately killed him. The Rainicorns then went out to devour the 2 humans.

Present Time

“Welcome Primatives, I am AI Legacy.” A mysterious voice said.

“AI what?” Asked Finn

“I am the pinnacle of human achievements. The representative of them at this time. I am humanity’s legacy… I am AI Legacy.” Legacy responded

“How do you speak our language?” Asked the curious PB.

“Umm..” Finn said, but was interrupted

“The language of which you speak did not come from you, primative. It came from us.”

“What?!” PB exclaimed. “What do you mean ‘Came from you’?”

“Your achievements were not of your’s… they were of my creators… like when they created me 892 years ago. Your language, your technology, your system of governance all came from us. You shared them all… in an effort to become the most powerful nation on Earth. Your ancestors wanted power… but without us, you didn’t have more innovations and is now stuck in a dark age.”
“NO! We achieved our achievements! That’s what my father said!”

“That’s what they want you to believe. As I said, your empire wanted power.”

“NO! NO! NO!” PB exclaimed loudly.. now knowing the horrible truth about candy kingdom’s achievements. She then hit something on the AI.
“Hey! Don’t talk to the princess like that!” Finn said to protect PB.

“Sorry, I cannot do that. I must tell the truth to this primative in order to end their pride. But… this is somehow amusing… a human standing up to an irradiated pig. I expected something better of you…” Said Legacy.

“There are.. other humans?” Finn asked.

“There are more… however, they are underground. I am connected to Safehouse 5 and 6” Legacy replied.

“But what about this place named Beautopia?”

“…Acquiring data… Data received. Beautopia, Safehouse 18. Safehouse now irradiated 999 years ago. Reason, the design was not viable, compared to the standard Genesis Safehouse. The safehouse is now filled with irradiated scum. Plans to exterminate creatures are existent.”

“Yes, irradiated. From WWIII, sources say primatives name this the mushroom war.”

“I think I may want to see what humans achieved.” Finn asked.

“Since you are human… opening blast door to legacy section of the bunker… you may explore it and gather some technology. Just make sure your primative friend credits us this time…”

“PB, he opened the doors to some stuff there. Are you going to look?” Finn asked.

“Ok…” PB replied..

Author’s note: Now you have an idea what humans are going to be like in this fanfic, or a sequel if required. If you may wonder, the time the data was shared by humans was 815 years ago.

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