Project Genesis

Chapter 1: Discovery

It was a normal day for Princess Bubblegum. She was just roaming around her glorious kingdom and then went to a forest. She explored the forest by herself, thinking that it would just be normal and no special event was to happen.

Apparently, she was wrong. She found a cave… a cave filled with 20th Century technology. Curiosity struck her and she immediately went inside the cave, only to find a door that was blocking her way.

She did have an attempt to try and open it. It failed horribly. Princess Bubblegum then rushed to the castle, enlisting the help of Finn, who was thought the last human remaining in the land of Ooo.

"Finn! Come to the castle quick!" She exclaimed to Finn at the phone.

"Ok, be there at a minute." Finn responded.

"Good, I have something to show you. Bye!"


Princess Bubblegum then waited patiently in Candy Kingdom's prestigious castle after the short conversation.

Tree Fort,

After the conversation

"C'mon Jake! PB has a quest for us!" Said Finn as he was about to leave the fort.

"Aw Finn! You already have FP, and now your going back to Princess Bubblegum?" Replied Jake.

"NO JAKE!" Finn exclaimed as he blushed, thinking about Flame Princess. "Let's go man, I can't accept a quest, right."

"Suuure. Alright, I'm coming with you.

Finn and Jake then walked towards the Candy Kingdom .

Candy Kingdom,


As they entered the castle, Princess Bubblegum immediately welcomed them, saying, "Welcome Finn and Jake!"

However, Finn was wondering why she was wearing some kind of scientific outfit. And then, he immediately asked her. "Princess, why are you wearing that outfit?"

"I am wearing this because there might be something scientific in the place we are going to." She immediately replied.

"Where are we going?" Finna asked

"To some cave. It has some ruins dating back to the mushroom war."

"Mushroom war? That sounds like a war between my kind, the humans."

"Sure is, are we going or not?" She asked.

"Sure, let's go now." Finn said.

They left immediately and went to the artifact which PB mentioned. It was hidden in a cave in a place full of trees. Therefore, it would be hard for them to find it, unless the Princess left a trail in which they could follow. Unfortunately, she didn't.

In the Forest…

"It should be right here! I remembered it!" Said Princess Bubblegum. "Why isn't it her?"

"I think it should be easier if Jake used his stretchy powers to get big and find what you're looking for." Finn suggested.

"Maybe that's a good suggestion."

"Jake, use your stretchy powers to get big."

"Yeah… I was waiting for you to say that." Jake replied in a sarcastic voice.

Then, Jake became bigger, thus making the forest viewable. However, the cave was well-hidden, so they would have to find it.

Suddenly, 2 Rainicorns were sighted flying west of them.

"Hey, Jake! Let's check what's happening there." Finn requested.

"Ok." Jake responded.

Jake then proceeded to the area where the Rainicorns were. With utter luck, it was where the cave was. Princess Bubblegum's estimations were wrong and was farther from the Candy Kingdom itself.

However, they saw 2 things upon arriving there. First, the presence of blood, and then two weapons. Finn then suspected something was strange.

Finn and Princess Bubblegum then got off Jake and Jake then became smaller.

"Were there people trying to get there?" Finn asked.

"It's probably some looters trying to get in." Princess Bubblegum replied.

"But there's a feeling…"

Then, they got inside the cave in which Princess Bubblegum discovered. The place was dark, filled with bats. Until they saw a door, which had a print "LEGACY".

"So, Finn, here's the door. Can you open it?" Asked PB.

"Sure." Finn answered. He then grabbed his sword and hit the door with it. However, with no avail, it never opened.

"Man, this thing is thick!" Finn complained.

Finn then saw Jake, who was near what appeared to be a console. They never knew what it was.

"Hmmm… what happens if I push this button?" Jake said.

"JAKE! DON'T TOUCH THAT! IT MIGHT BE A TRAP!" Exclaimed Finn as he ran towards Jake.

Luckily for Jake, he chose the button to open the doors. The door opened very slowly and there was a siren that was colored red. Everyone stood still as the door opened.

A mysterious voice was then heard by Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum. The voice sounded masculine, however, it souned like a voice from an antagonistic robot in manny sci-fi movies

"Welcome, Primatives. I am A.I. Legacy." - Chapter 2