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Will Not Be Active For A Week

Andre787 August 5, 2012 User blog:Andre787

This blog is totally legit.

Anyways, I would not be on here for a week due to upcoming tests on Thursday and Friday. I would need to study in order to get high grades and to stay on one of the smartest students on all of 7th Grade thing. Also, I've been doing bad on all my homework and quizzes especially in math, so I would also need to have good scores in that test. (Female Dog pls, homework is just 10% of grades :P)

Also, to my friends here, I'll miss you all for the week. Thanx for teh memoriez u has given me and thx for the fun we had. LOL, It's not leik I'm leaving forever.

But sorry, I must attend to my education. See ya'll next week ;)

Random Note: Let the Hunger Games dr00ma begin!




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