Hey guys, this is massively off topic, and i haven't made a blog for ages but, meh. i dedicate this to Michael Conners, who sadly was not on chat when this was posted

This is an essay about how dinosaurs died, enjoy!

Dinosaurs died because of a massive meteor

and an explosion

and a flamethrower

and a massive monster truck

and evil time travellerers (they where probably good actually, but this is me, and I'm evil so to me they where evil)

and this is

and spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and empty comments

and blood everywhere from dead dino's

and getting bad marks for essays

and a need for chocolate

and a bigger explosion

and clone troopers

and sucky good guys

and suicide

and completely random mongeese

and random numbers

and me drasticly edititing this from the original because i can't remember

and homework

and an even bigger explsosion that rained DEATH OUT OF THE VERY SKY

That was my essay about dinosaurs. what did you think? :D