Sons Of Mars - An Animatorevil19 review

So, my first review. I'm writing this just a few hours before burning low airs but let's get one with it.


Jake becomes a copy of the Magic Man after a run-in with him. I wonder how fast he was running? Anyhow, that isn't exactly how it happens. They switch places.


well, I'm not writing out the whole story. But it starts with magic man taunting the stag from no-one can hear you. MISTAKE - that stag was drowned in no-one can hear you.

Next he transforms that deer into a telescope. Thats like, the deers second death. anyway, he looks through it and is able to see the Great Grob Gob Glob Grod. his older brother. So much for identical twins. Anyway, grob wants to capture Magic Man. So much for brotherly love. Then, glob activates a device to take away Magic mans Magic juice.

Finn and Jake are standing next to a railway holding robot peices. One question: Why? Anyway, magic man runs into them, and knocks them to the ground. And if that wasn't enough to make you mad, he turns Jake into him and him into Jake. Confused? I'm not.

Grod takes Jake to Mars. For a trial.

Finn gets really angry at Magic Man, and tells him to save Jake. Magic Man refuses, and before he knows it, is attacked by finn, who has the bendiest limbs ever. Next, magic man shows Finn around his garbage pile-um, house. They come across a winged lion inside a bottle, and then find the teleporter, which magic man says is not working. Long story short, it works. On mars, Finn attacks Glob with a chair, and then Lincolns. Abraham Lincolns staff falls onto jake, killing him. Abe travels to the death world and sacrifices himself for Jake.

And thats about it. so, what did you think of the episode? What did you think of my review? don't forget to comment rate and subscribe!