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Annalaw June 2, 2014 User blog:Annalaw

I think when in simon and marcy when simon see s the bubblegum its princess bubblegum u all probley think that but what happens next..? I think simon turned into ice king later that week and princess bubblegum became to form a little girl and pb saw marcy crying because simon was gone and so pb went up to marcy and said whats wrong and marcy said stay away from me.. then marcy ran away then pb followed and marcy got mad told pb to go away so pb went and found some toxic goo and some how created the lich and marcy found a cave with a magic bag that was evil and marcy found pb and saw the lich and they both froze in fear and the lich saw marcys bag and then somehow created more candy people and things in ooo and iceking created the icekingdom and marcy left pb with the lich then pb ran and the lich went to a cinadel and thats why marcy says i shouldnt have to a pologize to u [ marcy didnt have to apologize cause she didnt create the lich and its not her fault that pb was on her own] and so on . please comment

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