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  • AquaSeashells

    Welp you guys, this was going to happen eventually. My favorite Cartoon Network show of all time will be ending in 2018. First, Regular Show, now Adventure Time? It feels like the 2010s era is coming to an end with Uncle Grandpa, Regular Show, and Gumball ending after their seasons. I will miss this show a lot. I will miss Jake the most as well since he is my favorite character. It will end when I'm either 23 or 24 (depending on which month it will end since my birthday is in October). I was a sophomore in high school when I started watching it and to be honest, I thought it would be dumb, but I loved it when I watched more episodes. I wis…

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  • AquaSeashells

    I've been wondering since they've put licensed songs on some of their episodes before (take Cat's in the Cradle for example. That song played in the two part Season 6 premiere promo.) ,which song would make a good addition to the series? I was thinking either this one  or this one . It can be any genre. Either catchy or heavy. Just put in whatever you want.

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  • AquaSeashells

    What is this?

    August 9, 2015 by AquaSeashells

    Is anyone getting this weird box with Japanese text that pops up whenever you go on this site? Not only does it happen on this one, but it also happens on the other Wikia sites. It looks like this:

    Can someone tell me what this thing is? Also, if you translate the text in English, It says "This community is asking the post of your such a fan! Let's edit the article."

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  • AquaSeashells

    Username change

    July 17, 2015 by AquaSeashells

    I finally changed my username on here. Jake is still my favorite character, but I hated the username I had to be honest. I can't believe I chose that username. Well, I figured that I wanted to have a fresh new username, so if you see this AquaSeashells person lurking around in the wiki, it's me.

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  • AquaSeashells

    Since season 6 came to an end, here are my predictions for season 7:

    • Bonnie and Neddy could possibly focus on Princess Bubblegum hence the name Bonnie in the episode title. I don't know about Neddy though. Neddy could be some parental figure of PB's.
    • Mama Said could be about Finn's mom and how she and Martin abandoned him. I'm not sure though.
    • Football could be a BMO-centric episode.
    • Cherry Soda Girl could be about, well Cherry Soda Girl finding the person who's responsible for the death of Root Beer Guy.

    I'm not sure about Angel Face, President Porpoise is Missing, Varmints, or Bad Jubies. There will also be an 8-part miniseries about Marceline and the episodes are all titled Stakes. I wonder why they would make all of the titles the same. The…

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