Since season 6 came to an end, here are my predictions for season 7:

  • Bonnie and Neddy could possibly focus on Princess Bubblegum hence the name Bonnie in the episode title. I don't know about Neddy though. Neddy could be some parental figure of PB's.
  • Mama Said could be about Finn's mom and how she and Martin abandoned him. I'm not sure though.
  • Football could be a BMO-centric episode.
  • Cherry Soda Girl could be about, well Cherry Soda Girl finding the person who's responsible for the death of Root Beer Guy.

I'm not sure about Angel Face, President Porpoise is Missing, Varmints, or Bad Jubies. There will also be an 8-part miniseries about Marceline and the episodes are all titled Stakes. I wonder why they would make all of the titles the same. They would probably retitle all of them.