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Since AT has been renewed for a seventh season

I know there already is a blog about this, but what do you want to see in Season 7 of AT?

Here are the things I want to see:

  • Long forgotten characters returning in a future episode (e.g. Susan Strong, Flambo, Penny)
  • Maybe an episode with Jake only (I mean, Jake was absent in four episodes (if you count the Lemonhope episode) in the 5th season). I don't have anything against Finn, but they should lay off him for a while.
  • A flashabck episode with Finn's parents (I'm talking about how his birth parents abandoned him)
  • An episode where Charlie, Jake and Lady's daughter, has a speaking role.
  • More characters singing licensed songs (like when Simon sung the Cheers theme song in Simon and Marcy)

What are some things you want to see in Season 7?

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