• I live in England
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Being Archie
  • I am Male
  • Archietorrance

    Princess Bubblegum has ran for miles across from the South of the Grasslands to the North of the Grasslands, and finally arrived at the Finn and Jake’s tree fort. Finn opened the door to see Princess Bubblegum in mess with battered clothes and sweat stains.


    ‘Gary...’ Princess Bubblegum managed to get out before collapsing on the floor.

    moments went by until Princess Bubblegum awoke.

    ‘Finn’ She said, ‘Jake, Gary, he’s declaring war on every nation on Ooo’

    ‘Princess, we’ll stop them’ Finn said with hope

    ‘No Finn, he has an army of monsters the size of The Lich’

    ‘Than we’ll fight an army with our own army!’

    ‘Good idea Finn!’


    ‘We’ll get our own army’

    ‘The banana guards?’

    ‘No, they’re just there to look threaten…

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  • Archietorrance

    Princess Bubblegum set out on her best friend, Lady Ranicorn to seek peace, but they should’ve thought better,

    ‘Gary i am here to seek peace’

    ‘You should’ve hired me Bubblegum’

    ‘It’s Princess Gary’

    ‘It’s Emperor, Princess’

    ‘What do you want for peace’

    ‘I don’t want peace, i want Ooo’

    ‘Gary, all the kingdoms are at peace don’t declare war on peaceful villages!’

    ‘Guards! Take the princess and her unicorn’

    ‘Lady Ranicorn is a Ranicorn!’


    The guards ran over and as Lady Ranicorn and Princess Bubblegum were about to escape, Lady Rainicorn was grabbed, she told Princess Bubblegum to run and by the time Lady Ranicorn was trapped Princess Bubblegum was halfway to the treehouse...

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  • Archietorrance

    The news of Gary the Banana’s empire was spreading rapidly all over the lands of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum was aware but didn’t interfere because the grasslands wasn’t apart of her Kingdom but when she heard about the fall of the Wildberry Kingdom she knew it was a threat and increasingly became worried of what was happening to the land of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum knew it was her fault for not hiring Gary the Banana and so Princess Bubblegum leaves to seek help!

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  • Archietorrance

    ‘It begins now’ Gary thought, now was the time, they set up camp and build a castle with on stones they found on their journey south, they needed land and spread themselves around the grasslands, they then became greedy as so the empire began to conquer, beginning with small villages at the soft village and then they planned a large attack, to strike a kingdom the monsters marched to wildberry kingdom.

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  • Archietorrance

    Months have passed and Gary the Banana has been freezing in the dreadful wings of the caves, he  had no where to go and slowly started to become a frozen banana, until he thought of how he could get his vengeance of Princess Bubblegum he made his way north to the tip of the land until he found monsters, he trained them and made a monster army, he started his journey to the grasslands and he met more people who have something against Princess Bubblegum, the revolution begins as Gary begins his secret plan to take over the land of Ooo and it’s kingdoms.

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