Princess Bubblegum has ran for miles across from the South of the Grasslands to the North of the Grasslands, and finally arrived at the Finn and Jake’s tree fort. Finn opened the door to see Princess Bubblegum in mess with battered clothes and sweat stains.


‘Gary...’ Princess Bubblegum managed to get out before collapsing on the floor.

moments went by until Princess Bubblegum awoke.

‘Finn’ She said, ‘Jake, Gary, he’s declaring war on every nation on Ooo’

‘Princess, we’ll stop them’ Finn said with hope

‘No Finn, he has an army of monsters the size of The Lich’

‘Than we’ll fight an army with our own army!’

‘Good idea Finn!’


‘We’ll get our own army’

‘The banana guards?’

‘No, they’re just there to look threatening’

‘Since when are they threatening’

‘Yeah… but anyway, Simon, or the Ice King, might be willing to help us, he helped me once break into the Fire Kingdom’

so the three, Finn, Jake and PB left for the Ice Kingdom, to seek an army, hoping that it isn’t already under siege from Gary.