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  • I live in OOO
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is being awesome
  • I am I don't want to say
  • Atizfan4

    My Guesing Game round 2

    February 2, 2013 by Atizfan4

    Hello again its that time again my guessing game. Here are the clues.

    • I showed up in 2 episodes
    •  5 people live in me
    • I have alot of dead things

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  • Atizfan4

    My Guessing Game round 1

    January 23, 2013 by Atizfan4

    In this game it can be any of these pages so to get it right check each page to see which one it could. PS I'll will be doing this at the begining and end of the month.

    • I showed only in 1 episode
    • To some people I'm important.
    • I hold alot of cool stuff.

    What am I.

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  • Atizfan4

    Diemension Potion

    January 17, 2013 by Atizfan4

    One day on the Land of OOO Jake is noticeing Finn still being upset about Fionna even from entire year since he has seen her. Jake asks"Why are you still upset about Fionna like dude its been a year." then Finn replied "You just don't get with her I feel like I'm not the only human." After Jake hears his story he feels bad and he doesn't want to do what  happened when PB didn't like him  and he got an evil princess. "Dude I'm going to visit Lady and the pups it might take a while so see yah." said Jake and off he flew. Jake wasn't really visiting the pups and Lady he actually wanted to take to Princess Bubblegum. "Princess! Princess! Finn is feeling really sad about Fionna do you know anything that could make him visit her but while not us…

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  • Atizfan4

    My Adventure Time Song

    January 4, 2013 by Atizfan4

    In the great Land of OOO

    There's things you couldn't imagine to do

    You wouldn't believe it till you see it face to face

    Finn and Jake are righteous dudes

    They fight any evil feuds

    (chorus is the first 2 lines)

    There's a Candy Kingdom near by

    There's alot of Candy People who would love to say "HI!"

    Even Lady and Princess Bubblegum

    So try to come


    Hang out with Finn, Jake, and BMO

    The place is so algebraic you can just say bravo!

    That's even half of it

    Not one bit


    The Breakfast Kingdom is the next stop

    The place will make your mouths drop!

    The Hot Dog Kingdom is small

    But it is better than spagetii and meatballs.


    In the Underwater City is really cool.

    It will make you drool.

    Under the ground is the Benetheverse.

    The gnomes are badder than …

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  • Atizfan4

    Desert Time

    November 28, 2012 by Atizfan4

    After a month of Finn being sad about Fionna. "Finn its been a month, get over her" said Jake then Finn replied "You don't know how it feels man you have Lady.I wish I could see her just one more time I don't even care where as long as I see her." Meanwhile in the other diemension Fionna wishes wishes for the same thing as Finn staring at the same star. On the next day as Finn woke up in his bed he relizes he is in the middle of a desert "Where am I? Where's Jake and my house.Well at least this time I choose to wear my regular chothes today," said Finn. Meanwhile at the other side Fionna was wondering the same thing. After hours and hours Finn and Fionna finally saw each other and give each other a hug then a kiss. Then at the same time th…

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