After a month of Finn being sad about Fionna. "Finn its been a month, get over her" said Jake then Finn replied "You don't know how it feels man you have Lady.I wish I could see her just one more time I don't even care where as long as I see her." Meanwhile in the other diemension Fionna wishes wishes for the same thing as Finn staring at the same star. On the next day as Finn woke up in his bed he relizes he is in the middle of a desert "Where am I? Where's Jake and my house.Well at least this time I choose to wear my regular chothes today," said Finn. Meanwhile at the other side Fionna was wondering the same thing. After hours and hours Finn and Fionna finally saw each other and give each other a hug then a kiss. Then at the same time they said "How did you get here? I missed you so much. By the way you know how to get back right? Oh my glob were stuck here!" Then they hang out all day long they wouldn't leave each other's sides but sadly even the most perfect day must end so they started walking together intil they reach there house but they didn't relized that there really closed together. Then they said "You thinking what I'm thinking" because apparently the desert was the wish they made because alled they said was to see each other no mattter where so they have a special connection that links there wishes to there dreams. Then when they finally woke up Jake and Cake said "Dude! You have been asleep all morning what were you dreaming about," but Finn and Fionna wanted to keep it a secret so they wouldn't link them to there dreams so they said "Just a disc in a tree and I wanted to get it," Then each night Finn and Fionna would meet somewhere new and spent the day there intil Jake or Cake wakes them up in the morning.