One day on the Land of OOO Jake is noticeing Finn still being upset about Fionna even from entire year since he has seen her. Jake asks"Why are you still upset about Fionna like dude its been a year." then Finn replied "You just don't get with her I feel like I'm not the only human." After Jake hears his story he feels bad and he doesn't want to do what  happened when PB didn't like him  and he got an evil princess. "Dude I'm going to visit Lady and the pups it might take a while so see yah." said Jake and off he flew. Jake wasn't really visiting the pups and Lady he actually wanted to take to Princess Bubblegum. "Princess! Princess! Finn is feeling really sad about Fionna do you know anything that could make him visit her but while not using the machine." she replied "Well maybe I can make a potion that will transport him to the other diemension and see Fionna." Jake waited in the lab intil she was done with the potion and about an hour later she completed the potion. "Alright since it looks like chocolate milk he won't expect anything wrong with he will just think your just giving him a drink but....." but Jake cut her off before she could finshed since he just doesn't want to make Finn get anymore sadder. "(sigh) Dude why did you come so late?" asked Finn very sadly. Jake replied "Ummm I had so much fun I kinda of lost tack of time but my puppies did want to ask if their chocolate milk taste weird." Finn then drank it and he got knocked out and when he woke up he was near a cave. "Hey Jake what was in that drink?" then found himself outside the cave. He knock on door because he thought it was Marceline's house but who came out was Marshall Lee. "Hey dude who are I never seen you in my life and that is saying something because I lived for 1,000 years even before the great mushroom war." said Marshall Lee then Finn replied "Hey dude I don't want any trouble I just looking for my best buddy Jake the Dog." Marshall Lee looked confused and asked "Don't you mean Cake the Cat?" Finn then looked surprised and then smiled and also said "Hey I know her isn't her best friend Fionna the Human." Marshall Lee confused and replied strangly "Yeaahhhh. In fact thier coming here for a band practice with out that smarty pants Prince Gumball." Finn then asked "Hey dude please please let me stay intil she comes I beg you please!" Marshall Lee said "Umm I guess so like I don't care." After an hour of waiting  for them Fionna and Cake finally showed up even Fionna was still upset about Finn. "Heyy look who I got out of the house." said Cake before she noticed Finn standing and waving "Oh My Glob Fionnna look who is here." Then Fionna looked and smiled and with Finn they both said "Oh my Glob! I haven't seen you like in forever." and then they both gave each other a hug. "Why don't you guys just hang out instead of doing band practice." They both just blushed and nodded. The rest of the day they spent the day hanging out having alot of fun. "Hey this is actually the most longest time you spent time with me like don't you gotta go home soon." Finn replied " I don't know but I think Jake wanted me to feel better so he let me stay here by giving that chocolate milk so I guess I can see you everyday." Fionna blushed and said "I hope this is true. Yeah do you wanna stay at the tree fort and maybe we can continue the fun tommorrow." Finn just nodded. In the other diemension. "Hmmm its been a while since Finn left I better go call PB to see why won't he come back." so he did. "Jake you never let me finshed I was going to say.What I going to say was you must go and drink it with Finn because since you said you never wanted Finn to be sad so I made the potion so he wouldn't come back intil he actullay misses everyone here so you needed to go with him so you could covinced him to come back." said Princess Bubblegum. Jake was silience for almost entire mintue then he hang up on her so he drank the potion and showed up right in front of the house and knocked very hard. Then Cake answered the door and look upset because he wanted to stop thier love. When Finn noticed Jake outside the house and asked "Hey dude what are you doing here I thought you gave me that chocolate milk so I can stay with Fionna because I love her." Jake shoked his head and also said it was acciendent and also that Finn needs to come back. Finn then said "Alright I'll go but I guess it was kinda of silly to be that sad like I guess she will always be in my heart so can't you take a picture of us so we can always remember each other." Then from that day on they always remember each other.