One day Finn and Jake were walking in the woods itil they hear a cyclops."Trouble dude" said Finn.As they ran to cyclops they already see two people fighting the guy Finn says hey whos fighting the guy. Finn and Jake are watching the fight when the fight was over they asked hey who are you guys. Right when there were going to introduce themselves Finn paused for a second. "I'm Fionna and this is Cake." said Fionna. Jake said "I'm Jake and this guy is Finn." Fionna asks if Finn is alright since he hasn't move sinced they meet.After Jake snaped him out he asked "How did you guys get here.I never seen you guys here before." Fionna repleied "We got here by some type of portal then out of nowherere this cyclops is trying to kill us. Well now were just wondering how to get home."Finn then said "Jake do you think Princess Bubblegum could help them." Then Jake just shruged and said "Maybe." Finn called PB and she answered "Sure it will just take an hour at least." Finn said "Thanks". Finn said "Well looks like we just have to hang out at the tree fort then". Meanwhile at the Ice Kingdom. Ice King keeps on saying he is so alone and wishes to find someone then he sees Ice Queen and says "Why hello beatiful princess." and she repleys "I'm a QUEEN" then he replied "Oh well can you help me capture a princess than" then she replied "Only if you help me capture a prince" Then he said "Sure". Now back to the Tree Fort our heros are playing video game."Your going down" said Finn."Oh yeah take this!" said Fionna while Jake was playing his viola and Cake playing her dulcermir. Meanwhile Princess Bubblegum was just about to finsh her machine she got tied up and put in a sack.When she woke up she was in the ice ceil with Prince Gumball. Then back at the Tree Fort Cake stopped playing and said " Guys we got trouble my tail is totally frizzing out." Finn then looked at the clock and said " Cake is right PB said she would be done 30 mins ago". Then they ran to the Candy Kingdom her screwdriver was on the floor Jake said after he smelled it " She isn't here she must be in the Ice Kingdom.I don't well get there in time then Jake and Cake said "I think I know what to do." Then as fast as they can they went to Lady Rainicorn's house and said "We need your help" but before he could he saw Lord Monochromicorn with er and said "Whos your friend?" She then explain that there just friends. After that thhey rushed to the Ice Kingdom. Finn asked Fionna "Whos the lady next to the Ice King?" she replied "Thats the Ice Queen". Then they all four them did a tag team to defeat them and Finn and Fionna punced there crowns off then the Ice King and Ice Queen said "My powers".Then Jake and Cake buried them with snow then Finn and Fionna flicked there crowns off and said "No.You might catch there crazy." Then rescue Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball and took them to the Candy Kingdom to fix the machine. "Alright it's time to go home" said Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Fionna got very sad Jake asked them "What's wrong guys". Finn relpied "I don't want her to leave." Then Fionna blushed said she didn't want to leave either. Cake then explained that she is a hero and the other people need her help to. Then they said good bye then gave each other a kiss. Then back at the Tree Fort Jake was playing with BMO while Finn was at the window staring at the clouds Jake asked what wrong and Finn answered "I miss Fionna she was the only human girl I know and I liked her." Then Jake tried to cheer him up with video games. Meanwhile at Fionna and Cake's world Cake asked whats wrong too Fionna then said while staring at a cloud that looked like Finn "I miss Finn I really liked him". Then at the same time they both said "I hope I see them again." Then Jake and Cake say "You will some day."