In the great Land of OOO

There's things you couldn't imagine to do

All the way to Lumpy Space

You wouldn't believe it till you see it face to face

Finn and Jake are righteous dudes

They fight any evil feuds

(chorus is the first 2 lines)

There's a Candy Kingdom near by

There's alot of Candy People who would love to say "HI!"

Even Lady and Princess Bubblegum

So try to come


Hang out with Finn, Jake, and BMO

The place is so algebraic you can just say bravo!

That's even half of it

Not one bit


The Breakfast Kingdom is the next stop

The place will make your mouths drop!

The Hot Dog Kingdom is small

But it is better than spagetii and meatballs.


In the Underwater City is really cool.

It will make you drool.

Under the ground is the Benetheverse.

The gnomes are badder than the nurses.

Are you coming to the Cloud Kingdom's Party

There personlities are so bubbly.


Are you team HugWolf or team Vampire?

Cause Marceline's music will inspire

The party bears will dance all night

They will bring you delight.


The Fire Kingdom is HOT!

There's a princess there so its a hotspot.

The Ice Kingdom is cool,

The Ice King is mean but also a fool.

That's the end

So try to attend.