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Hello guys I discontinued The Cartoon Games to replace it with AN ADVENTURE TIME - TDI CROSSOVER. So there will be 2 teams and you going to have to pick your character. I will you to decide you teamates. Once a challenge is completed you get to vote off a person/thing to go bye-bye. I chose Beemo BTW. 2 people get to choose their AT ONLY character (1st come 1st Serve whatever that means)


Name User Team Voted Off? Rank
Finn N
Jake N
Beemo Aura Victini N
Lady R N
Princess Bubblegum N
Flame Princess N
Ice King N
Gunter N
Snail :D N
Marcy N
Fionna N
Cake N
Marshall Lee N
Choose Your AT Character N
Prince Gumball N
Choose You AT Character N

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