Hi. I made a fan fiction where you choose your path. Just follow the instructions and see what happens. There will be multiple paths and endings.

Page 1

Finn: Why did you call us here again

PB: So you can test my new expirment

Jake: This won't like backfire like Lemongrab, all those zombie invasions...

PB: (Cuts off Jake) No it's perfectly fine.

Finn: OK

(PB zaps Finn and Jake with a lazar)

PB: Do you feel fine


Jake: What was this all about again

PB: ...

Jake: PB can you tell us what's wrong

PB: I must have zapped you with my Decision Ray

Finn: WHAT?

PB: You see, the person who is reading this decides what's going to happen to you...

Jake: You will make an cure right

PB: I may take a long time

Finn: Hey reader you will help us do good things right

Yes- Go to page 3

No- Go to page 2

Page 2

Finn: Really?

Go to page 3

Page 3