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Fanfiction Time With Finn, Jake, and Others/ It all Started... Part 2

(Episode starts with Banana Guards talking into Finn, Jake, and Aura in the dungeon)

Jake: What are we doing here we need to get PB.

Banana Guard 1: We got this covered dog.

Finn: C'mon i'm going to be late for mmy date with Flame Princess...

Banana Guard 2: WE DON'T CARE!

Banana Guard 1: Acutally my girlfriend broke up with me because I forget to go on a date with her.

Aura: So can we get out?

Banana Guard 2: Whatever O don't wanna save PB anyway

(Unlocks the jail cell and Finn, Jake, and Aura run to the exit and into the Treehouse)

Finn: Do you need any weapons?

Aura: No thanks, I got a bow and staff in my pack.

(Beemo enters)

'Beemo: Who is the new guy'?

'Finn: He's Aura a good guy'?

'Beemo: O.K i'm going to go to the bathroom'.

(Beemo exits)

'Jake: Let's go beat up the Ice King guys'.


(At the Ice Kingdom)

Ice King: MARRY ME!

PB: No

(Finn, Jake, and Aura come in)


Aura: You mean Aura?

Ice King: Is that really your real name?

Aura: No, it's a sceen name.

Ice King: Whatever PENGUINS ATTACK

(Gunters rush in beating up the heroes)

Finn: Ow! Gunters stop!

Gunters: Wenk, WENK!

Jake and Aura: I got this

Jake and Aura: Wait what?

Jake and Aura: OK you say your plan first

Jake: Well i'm going to stre- (Gets interupped and drowns into the army of penguins)

(Finn sighs)

Finn: Do your plan Aura!

Aura: K'

(Aura gets out his staff and shines a green light on the Gunters, they now attack the Ice King)

Ice King: Ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

(Finn, Jake, Aura, and PB run away)

PB: Thanks guys.

Finn,Jake,and Aura: No problem.

(Sceen zooms to Aura's shirt pocket and Little Fionna comes out)

Little Fionna: Whomp.

(Episode ends)

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