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    Are you a real Adventure Time fan? Have you signed up for ? This is the official Fan site for Adventure Time fans. They have a giveaway that gives you the chance to win a MIMBOT. If you want an Adventure time MIMBOT with 8GB of capacity, you should sign up and enter the giveaway. If you don't know what's a MIMBOT, check out this link to see three different types of Adventure Time MIMBOTS. The giveaway only has 3 days left. Once you entered, complete all the tasks that has to be completed, and you are done!

    Thanks For Reading! :>

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    Hello, Adventure Time Wikia members, In 28/8/2012, I dreamed about being in the land of Ooo. It felt real and it's like I'm really in it.. So basicly, my dream told me the story of the Death of PB and Flame Princess. It's super sad, when I woke up, I cried so bad. ): So here's the story I dreamt about something that Changed my view for FPXF and PBXF ships...

    I start off at my house. Covered in moss and vines. Surrounded by a forest of Pine trees. My house was terribly Damaged and it isn't recognizable anymore. Then I tried to escape the forest and end up on hilly grass plains. It somehow reminded me of something. Then, I saw something that made me aware that I was dreaming - I saw the tree fort. I q…

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  • BMO

    Dear PB Haters,

    I have a few reasons for you why you shouldn't hate Princess Bubblegum. Despite her acts towards other characters, some things might not happen in Adventure Time without her. Some of her 'evil' acts are have to be done for sake of her people.

    {C First of all, she ruled the Candy Kingdom. Without her, there would be no Candy Kingdom which will be no Lemongrab, Peppermint butler and etc. Secondly, she was the first princess that appeared on the animated short of all the princesses in Ooo that could appear. Also, she was the first Princess to appear in the very first episode, Slumber Party Panic. It could've been any Kingdom but the one chosen was the Candy Kingdom which had PB as their ruler.

    If you were the voice actor for a c…

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