Hello, Adventure Time Wikia members, In 28/8/2012, I dreamed about being in the land of Ooo. It felt real and it's like I'm really in it.. So basicly, my dream told me the story of the Death of PB and Flame Princess. It's super sad, when I woke up, I cried so bad. ): So here's the story I dreamt about something that Changed my view for FPXF and PBXF ships...

I start off at my house. Covered in moss and vines. Surrounded by a forest of Pine trees. My house was terribly Damaged and it isn't recognizable anymore. Then I tried to escape the forest and end up on hilly grass plains. It somehow reminded me of something. Then, I saw something that made me aware that I was dreaming - I saw the tree fort. I quickly ran inside and checked the whole house while yelling their names.. "Finn! Jake!! BMO?!!". It was creepy as lumps. It's like i'm stuck in another dimension.

Then, I flew to the candy kingdom, it seemed normal. The people, the buildings but they were a little silent. Then I passed through the double doors entrance to the castle and end up at the Hall. The hall was really peaceful and quiet. Then, I heard footsteps, I made my first Approach - "Peppermint Butler, excuse me but may I ask where is Princess Bubblegum?".. "It's right over there at where the three junctions meet" he replied.

So, there was the Princess' Quarters. Opening the door kinda released 500mg of Adrenalin. The room was illuminated by candles.Princess Bubblegum was there, on the table, sobbing on pictures of Finn and her together. The picture was beautiful and it's like it's telling you a story through it's pictures."Princess.. bubblegum...?" I said nervously. She turned to me and said "Mizi(Me-Zee), have you seen Finn?". "No, I just returned from the treefort, nobody was there" I replied.


She explained things about how she liked finn. It was very touching. "If only there is someone else to take care of my kingdom, I WOULD stay Thirteen with Finn. But That won't happen because everyone in the world hates me." She started to cry and that made me cry. Suddenly, she talked about killing herself.. It shocked me almost to a heart attack.

"No, you shouldn't. Your people need you." I said " Who will take care of them?".She replied, "Somebody else can take care of them". Then, we talked about candy people, I asked her how to make candy people but she said it's a secret.

Then,When I went back to the tree fort, BMO was there! I got excited and screamed "BMOOOOOO!!!!" hug him/her. BMO was kinda like 10 inches tall. I asked BMO where were Finn and Jake. BMO said they are at a Funeral. "WHO'S FUNERAL?!?!" I asked in panic. "Princess Bubblegum, she died for real this time" BMO said.. So I Flied like a boss to the Candy Kingdom and sat next to Finn and Jake in the funeral. I sat while smiling and crying. Smiling because I met Finn and Jake and Crying because Princess Bubblegum is dead. Finn had tears but no sobbing...

I tried to say something to them "Finn, Jake, I know it's sad that she is gone, but she really liked you finn, She wasn't actually jealous of Flame Princess, she tried to warn you that she could burn really hot and melt the earth from the inside". Then, finally, they spoke for the first time, "I know, I feel guilty because I didn't apologize to her before she died." Finn said. "Hey, we never met before, what kind are you?" Jake asked. "No, Jake, I'm human, just like you Finn." I replied. Then the three of us remained silent until after the funeral. After the funeral, we went back to the Tree Fort. "So, if you're human, and we are the same age, are possible twins?" Finn asked. Weird question. "No, Finn, we are not Twins. But we are the same kind. We are humans" I said. Finn requested a hug because he never met any other human being.

Then, the three of us went to Flame Princess' Home. Finn was having some private talk with FP. I can't really hear what they're saying. But then Suddenly, she said "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME?!". "I do love you, but it's just that I want to take care of the Candy Kingdom for a few days to return the favor that I owed to Princess Bubblegum" Finn said. FP then turns calm and agrees with that.

Then, Finn, Jake,Flame Princess and I went to through the Ice Kingdom in order to go to the Fire Kingdom. Then suddenly, Ice King appears.. "How Dare you trespass in my land?! You Shall Split now or suffer my consequences" Ice King said. Finn kept refusing battles. The only problem about FLame princess going through here is that the ice would melt in FP's presence. So they cannot stay at one place in a long period. But we eventually came across a Fragile Ice Sheet covered river.So, we had to cross over.. But suddenly, Flame princess broke a sheet of Ice and fell into the chilly waters that put out her flame Completely. She was sent to the hospital to revive her flames. Pure oxygen was used to light her flames. Finn shed into tears sobbing this time because he had lost Two important and most loved girls in his life. Suddenly, Flame Princess' skin turned into dim orange. Saying her final words "Finn, Jake, Mizi and everyone else, please remember these words that I say forever - I love you guys" and she turned grey again(which is dead) That moment is when everyone cried horribly. Including me, I was actually also crying in real life without my awareness - I thought I was only crying in my dream..

And there we go, Me, Finn, and jake Spending our last hours together.. I said "I wish I could stay". They looked at me and smiled and say "We wish you could too bro"

Sadly, I woke up. the dream is like in real life, I slept in my dream even....But the sleeping wasted only Five minutes or so.. The Dream lasted 11 hours 15 minutes .. But in my dream, it was like A whole day and twelve hours.. I woke up when the time in my dream was 6:29p.m.

Thank you for reading my blog, I had to share it. If the story is kinda weird, it's normal because I didn't controll it. My brain did. ._.

Peace ^-^