Dear PB Haters,

I have a few reasons for you why you shouldn't hate Princess Bubblegum. Despite her acts towards other characters, some things might not happen in Adventure Time without her. Some of her 'evil' acts are have to be done for sake of her people.

{C First of all, she ruled the Candy Kingdom. Without her, there would be no Candy Kingdom which will be no Lemongrab, Peppermint butler and etc. Secondly, she was the first princess that appeared on the animated short of all the princesses in Ooo that could appear. Also, she was the first Princess to appear in the very first episode, Slumber Party Panic. It could've been any Kingdom but the one chosen was the Candy Kingdom which had PB as their ruler.

If you were the voice actor for a character that is hated by most people, what would you feel? You feel sad and disappointed. That is the feeling of Hynden Walch. If she's sad, she COULD quit and WOULD affect the Adventure Time production.

{C Here are some reasons why PB had to do harsh things towards other characters.

Burning Low

She was trying to explain why FP and Finn cannot kiss. Jake didn't actually explain everything to Finn why they can't see eachother. Jake said that PB is jealous which is she actually isn't. If it wasn't for PB explaining that FP would burn to the earth's core and telling Jake to close the Hole to stop the reaction, they would be all dead.

Finn is angry at PB because of Jake's fault. Because Jake didn't actually explain everything and do not blame PB for this.

The Duke

She thought that the Duke Of Nuts was stealling in a bad way. Actually, he HAD to steal them because he had Pudding Deficiency.

Too Young

She had to fire Lemongrab because Lemongrab put all the Candy Castle staff in the dungeon.

Princess Cookie

You can't explain why she laughed. Of course she hurt Princess Cookie, but she gave her a Crown in the end.

Lady & Peebles

She carried Finn, Jake, Lady and even the Ice King, who tried to kidnap her uncounted times and almost killed her in the Lich's Well Of Power. She even made a new heart for the ice king, you may say "PB created Ice King a new heart out of junk! That's not a good thing!". But she tried her best to make a new heart. If you would say that she put Lady in much danger, it's not her fault, she didn't know and lady told her that she hid her secret from PB. Even if Finn hates PB for 'friendzoning' finn, but she still acts nice to finn.

You Made Me!

See how she helped lemongrab? She didn't really been a jerk to lemongrab like in Too Young. She tried to teach lemongrab, but Lemongrab was disgusted. But in the end, PB made him happy by making another lemongrab to make him happy.

So that's it, don't hate Princess Bubblegum.It's your oppinion to hate her or not, but I'm here just to give you some reasons why you shouldn't. Everyone needs love, think about what if you are the one who is hated. Even the Ice King needs love. If he can't have a wife, let's give him some love - don't hate him too.

One more thing, I'm not saying for you to like 'fubblegum', I'm saying that don't hate PB.. Just PB.. Some hardcore FP would die to say "PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM SUCKS!!!" ... The funny thing is i would go to jail to kill them... For BMO, I would go to the afterlife fire torture world... Yeah.. Well, as said in the comments, don't rub it on other's faces if you still hate PB.