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Preview.. (Of Adventure time Story I'm making)

BMOat January 1, 2014 User blog:BMOat

One thing

Mods if I'm not allowed Do fan fiction here..Just delete it..

The Story Preview

Ice king:Gunther? Gunther!? GUNTHER God where is he Gunther: whack (I will steal ice kings magic stuff and make a penguin army!)

  • Gunther steals His crown and other magical stuff*

Ice king:Oh Gunther there you are...DANG GUNTHER ANOTHER PENGUIN EMPIRE!!!!

  • at tree fort*

Jake:Finn... Finn:Hm what? Jake: look at this.....

  • Finn looks out window*


  • Preview over*

P.S When Gunther says whack it means his penguin noise..and the words next to it are translations.

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