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  • BNSF1995

    [The episode begins with Finn, face down on the couch.]

    Fionna: [offscreen] Finn? Where are you?

    [Fionna enters the living room and finds Finn.]

    Fionna: Finn? You okay?

    Finn: [voice muffled by couch] Leave me alone, Fionna.

    Fionna: Finn, please. Don't shut me out. I'm here for you.

    [Finn lifts his head up to reveal he has been crying alot.]

    Finn: Why? Why did it have to happen?

    Fionna: [sadly] I don't know. I just don't know.

    Finn: I could've stopped it.

    Fionna: How? There's no easy way around diplomatic immunity.

    [Finn starts to get angry, and stands up.]

    Finn: Diplomatic immunity?! That freak has no legal jurasdiction! He's just an dangerous fanatic! I should've put him down like the mental case he is instead of resorting to pranks! Why didn't I kil…

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  • BNSF1995

    So...turns out Fionna and Cake DO exist...

    You all called me crazy, insane, delusional. But you understand.

    It IS possible for Finn and Fionna to meet!

    What say you now, anyone who ever thought I was crazy who is still around?

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  • BNSF1995
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  • BNSF1995

    The biggest Adventure Time-related forum has suddenly shut down without notice. Well, the main page is unreachable, at least, all of the other pages are still up, and me and a few users have been asking what the hell is going on.

    Either the site is undergoing extended maintenance, has been hacked, or the mods just torched the site and ran without giving any explanation as to why. It could be that, due to Cartoon Network seeking to bury AT using Teen Titans Go as a weapon, they just don't see any use in keeping the site going.

    Or, they haven't updated to a new version of XenForo yet. The deletion of their Facebook page after I enquired, though, suggest either the former, or something more sinister.

    Either way, I really hope the site isn't down…

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  • BNSF1995

    This is not a hoax.

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