I have made an executive decision: I am discontinuing "Adventure Time: Last of the Humans" in favor of a new story called "Finn's Family". The decision was hard, but it was due to these factors:

  • Lack of inspiration
  • Lack of time
  • Criticism over Chapter 6 (Old Version)

This is the basic premise: One day, Finn is out walking, looking for adventure or people in need of help. Jake has moved out of the Tree Fort to live with Lady Rainicorn. All of a sudden, he's ambushed by a pack of savage marauders. Just as he fades out of consiousness, he sees a pair of humanoids rushing them.

When he wakes up, he finds himself laying in a small bed. It turns out Susan Strong had rescued him. And she's hatless: no fins, no gills. Also there is a girl about Finn's age. Susan then reveals something that makes Finn go O_O: she is Finn's mother! And the girl is Finn's twin sister, Fionna. Susan tells the story of how they were all separated: Susan was being chased by Ice King (who was just trying to ask for directions to the Fire Kingdom) through the woods, with baby Finn and Fionna in her arms. Without knowing it, she dropped Finn and went on with only Fionna. Then, she dropped Fionna when tripped on a rock. Finn had the previously-explained "Boom-Boom" moment, and Fionna was carried away by the Northern Wind on a leaf to the Land of Aaa (this time, Ooo will be what was formerly the USA, Aaa will be Canada, and the Nut Kingdom will be in Mexico). Finn was found by Joshua, and the rest is history. Susan found Fionna when she stumbled across the border of the Land of Aaa. They set out to find Finn and found him under attack. What happens next, will be revealed as the chapters are released.


The story will be made in the same way as "LotH": chapters will be typed in Microsoft Word, then copied and pasted here in separate blog posts. It should be noted that the prologue for "FF" will be the same one as "LotH".

Differences and similarities

Once again, this will be an alternate version of my Season 4.


  • Susan is Finn's mother
  • Ice Queen lives (a becomes a pain in Princess Bubblegum's ass)
  • There is no cover-up
  • The Land of Ooo encompasses the USA, The Land of Aaa occupies Canada, and the Nut Kingdom has been moved to Mexico (which means that Finn and Marceline would have travelled very, very far south to reach the Duke of Nut's castle; in the actual Season 4, Ooo is all of North America, Aaa is Australia, and the Nut Kingdom is located within Ooo borders)


  • Finn and Fionna are still twins
  • PB still becomes 13 and falls madly in love with Finn (not to mention, she later becomes human, in which case she is referred to as simply "Bonnie")
  • Finn and Fionna still go to the moon (and get traumatized)
  • World War IV still happens
  • Godzilla still attacks New San Francisco
  • Sonnah still exists (as do the people that inhabit it and the events that occur there)

This one will be closer to my Season 4 episodes, just with Susan and Ice Queen.

Give me your thoughts on the new story!