After pressing the button, the transceiver sprang to life. A holographic transmission came on shortly thereafter. On there, was a tall man, about 18, who looked just like Princess Bubblegum, only male. He cleared his throat to speak:

Greetings! I am Prince Gumball of the Candy Kingdom. This message is for the leader of the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo. Please ensure that you are the only person in the room. It is for your eyes only.

Princess Bubblegum pressed pause and looked around. Peppermint Butler and several guards cloned from PB’s DNA (only male) were there. “Well, you heard what he said, get out!” she said. They quickly retreated to the break room for a smoke. After the door closed, PB closed the door to the balcony. She then pressed play:

Our satellites discovered your Kingdom about 5 years ago, but our communications have been dodgy due to extensive damage caused by the Ice Queen. Now, our great kingdom is ready to colonize the Land of Ooo. We understand that your kingdom is in control of the territory, and the other kingdoms are on land designated by the Ooo Continental Congress. I have received permission from the Continental Congress of the Land of Aaa to set up a colonial kingdom on your land. Your Congress has also agreed. The first summit should take place in New Sidney in about 6 months to discuss unification of the Congresses of Ooo and Aaa. In the meantime, though, me and two of my friends, Marshall Lee The Vampire King and Fionna The Human, will take up residence in the Land of Ooo until the colony’s first three houses are complete. I have no doubt of the existence of another human in your land, or of another vampire. Please send a response, or attempt to contact me directly using the “Red Phone”. Thanks, and I hope we will be able to meet soon!

PB was in shock. This prince seemed so much like her appearance-wise. For all she knew, he was her twin brother. She had heard the words “vampire king” and “human” slip from his mouth. Marceline had once told her about Marshall Lee when they were younger and in the academy. And “Fionna” sounded like a girl’s name. Now, PB knew she had a method to lift Finn from his depressing existence. She found the “Red Phone” (it was a cordless Panasonic phone) and found a fast-dial button that said “Candy Kingdom – Land of Aaa”. She pushed the button and hoped for the best.

Meanwhile, in the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Aaa, Prince Gumball was sitting patiently, waiting for a response, a sign, a clue, anything from the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo. The situation wasn’t any better for PG. Fionna had also been depressed over being the last of her species. But a voice in her head told her to go on, saying that something was about to happen that would change her life. She thought it would be her realizing that she loved Marshall Lee, and would have him turn her into a vampire. But she dismissed the notion. When she brought it up to Marshall, he reassured her that such wouldn’t happen.

Finally, the “Red Phone” rang. PG saw the caller ID: OOO CONTINENTAL CONGRESS COMM NETWORK. He immediately picked up the phone. “Hello?” he said. “Is this…Prince Gumball?” said a female voice on the other end. “Why, yes it is.” he answered, “Who would this be?” “I am the leader of the Candy Kingdom of the Land of Ooo, Princess Bubblegum”. A princess?!, thought PG. “Well, it’s great to get a response, what with the sporadic communications thanks to Ice Queen-” Suddenly, there was a huge crash. “You called?” said a wicked voice. “OH NO!” was the last thing PB heard from PG. His kidnapper saw the phone, and was interested to see who PG was talking to. “Hello?” she said, sounding innocent. “Who is this?” asked PB in an interrogative voice. “No one you need to know!” she shouted, then hung up. She was growing cautious of damaging their communications systems since she had incurred the wrath of the military. PB was worried, but knew deep down that this “Fionna” character would do something.

As a result, she was right. News reached Fionna, and she and Cake sprang into action. Slipping into her yellow sweater, she rode away on Cake’s back. In the Ice Kingdom, Ice Queen’s new army made from her DNA and the DNA of Sun Tzu blocked her way. Fionna made quick work of them with her sword, which was made entirely out of crystal. More soldiers, armed with M-14s, charged her. Fionna struck them down with little effort. All the while, she had a blank expression on her face, with sadness in her eyes. She didn’t even care that blood stained the snow, but not her blood. It was the blood of her adversaries. Finally, after silently rampaging through many more guards, she reached Ice Queen’s chamber.

“Welcome to your doom, you foolish girl!” Ice Queen taunted. Fionna sent no retort. “Uh, hello? I’m menacingly taunting you here! Classic villain talk!” Still no response. “Must be the human thing again” she whispered to herself. “You’ll never find another human! EVER!” she taunted. “What?” Fionna finally said. “You’re the last of the humans! And when I’m done with you, humanity will be extinct!” Now, Fionna was angry! “I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU AND YOUR CONSTANT PREDATORATING ON DUDES! IT’S TIME TO END YOU!” And with that, she drop-kicked the queen. “Impressive. Most impressive.” complimented Ice Queen, “But now I will end you!” She blasted a bolt of ice at Fionna. She easily dodged it, but it instead hit a soldier who was watching on the sidelines. “I’LL KILL YOU!” was the last thing Fionna ever said to Ice Queen before the final battle. With a burst of speed and fury, she dashed at the speed of light. Ice Queen couldn’t keep up. Finally, Fionna kicked Ice Queen’s tiara off, then crushed it with a mighty STOMP!

Ice Queen had one fail-safe, though. She ran quickly to a closet and pulled out a sword. It was time for one final duel to the death. Fortunately, Ice Queen was a horrible swordswoman. Fionna knocked the sword out of her hands in seconds. With the last of her energy, thrust her sword into Ice Queen’s chest. Then, she concentrated a blast of energy into the sword. A large blast soon followed.

When the smoke cleared, the wicked Ice Queen was no more. Her remains were all over the place. Fionna then walked over to the prison that PG was locked in, blasted it open with a much smaller energy blast and helped him out. The Candy Kingdom and Fire Kingdom Armies soon came in. The last of Ice Queen’s forces were gunned down, and everything was melted. As they walked away, Fionna showed no remorse for the decision to kill Ice Queen. At least now, the Candy Kingdom’s communications systems would stay consistent. The Ice Kingdom, once the most feared kingdom in the Land of Aaa, was immediately disbanded and the representative on the Aaa Continental Congress was removed from his seat and executed.

When they returned to the Candy Kingdom, PG called Princess Bubblegum back. “Sorry about that” he said, “Problems with the Ice Queen. Thankfully, though, it’s the last time that will ever happen. My good friend, Fionna the Human, annihilated her!” “Wow, she must be badass!” replied PB. “Oh yeah! You don’t know half of it! Anyway, about the colonial thing.” said PG. “We would be happy to have you in our land! However, there is a matter of principle regarding Marshall Lee and Fionna”. “Let me guess, you have a human boy there and Marshall’s childhood friend, Marceline is also there.” “Wow, how did you know?” asked PB. “I pick up quickly. It’s a natural gift.” “So, when can we expect you to arrive?” asked PB. “In about 3 days, give or take. It will take some time to build me, Fionna’s and Marshall’s houses.” “Excellent! We’ll make preparations for your arrival at once!” “Alright, see you soon…uh…what was your name again?” “Princess Bubblegum.” “Right, see you soon Princess Bubblegum. Prince Gumball, out.” And with that, PG hung up. Both seemed smitten.

The next day, PB sent for Finn and Marceline. It was again a rainy day, so Marceline didn’t need her protective sun gear. When they reached the Candy Kingdom, PB greeted them excitedly. “I’m so glad you two could come!” said PB happily. “Why?” asked Marceline, “So we can listen to some sciency mumbo-jumbo?” Finn only stood in silence, with no retort or joke to contribute. “It’s more political” replied PB. “Politics, you say?” said Marceline. Now she was interested. “Yes, Marceline. Politics.” Still stony silence from Finn. “Have either of you ever heard of the Land of Aaa?” asked PB. “Yes” replied Marceline. “Only in passing” mumbled Finn. “Well, at least three people from Aaa will be coming here to Ooo to set up a colonial kingdom for commerce purposes.” “Who would these three people be?” asked Marceline. “This is Prince Gumball” replied PB, and she held up the transceiver and showed PG. “He looks just like you, Bonnie!” said Marceline. Finn looked at the picture with interest. “He seems cool” was the first thing Finn had said at the meeting. “What of the other two?” he then asked. “I’m afraid I can’t reveal the identities of the other two people for fears that the operation will be compromised by our enemies.” Replied PB. “They will arrive in three days. We must make all preparations at once. That means decorations for the Royal Dining Hall, making the food for the Royal Banquet, putting security on full alert to escort their plane in to the airport, preparing the airport for the plane and having an open hangar for it, etc. Now, let’s get to work!” On that note, news spread through the kingdom. Preparations went into full swing. Banners were set up saying “Welcome to Ooo!”, “Hail to our new friends!”, among other things.

Meanwhile, in the Candy Kingdom of Aaa, a similar meeting took place. PG instructed them to pack their bags. Cake and Lord Monochromicorn would stay in Aaa to keep the peace, while PG’s vice president, Jimmy Tarter, would take control of the Candy Kingdom. Fionna filled a suitcase with extra clothes, a spare bunny hat, her sweater, some toiletries and a picture of Cake. It was going to be long time before they would see each other again. Marshall Lee also packed his suitcase with clothes, toiletries, among other things. He also brought along his Bass-Axe as a carry-on item. Fionna’s carry-on was her trusty backpack, with her retractable crystal sword in her pocket. PG brought along his mobile lab, in case Princess Bubblegum didn’t have one.

Three days later, the big day came. Very early in the morning at 5:00 AM Australian Time, Fionna and Marshall Lee reported to the New Sydney Airport. Prince Gumball was waiting with his private plane, a Boeing Learjet-45. The three friends filed into the squat but luxurious little jet. They all took their seats. Their pilot was Chuck Yogurt, a famous aviator in the Land of Aaa who was the 1st to break the sound barrier in the post-war period. “This is your pilot, Chuck Yogurt. Welcome aboard Gumball-1. Our estimated flight time is about 14 hours and 31 minutes. Sit back, relax, reflect on what has happened to Ice Queen, mentally punch her over and over again, and enjoy the flight. Please note this is a no-smoking flight and a no-music flight. That means NO Axe-Bass playing of any kind!” And with that, they began taxiing to the tarmac. In no time at all, they were airborne!

Meanwhile, in Ooo, camera crews from Candy Kingdom Broadcast Corporation (CKBC) were at the airport, awaiting the arrival of Gumball-1 (after entering Candy Kingdom Airspace, its designation would change to Air Force-1). Flan Rather and Tom Stevenson were sitting in the Air Traffic Control Tower of New San Jose Airport, tuned into Candy Kingdom Air Defense Command communications and New San Jose Air Traffic Control. They were discussing the plans for the new colonial kingdom. They also took viewer’s phone calls and they voiced their opinions of what was going on, most of them positive. But a few callers had concerns that there was the potential for security risks, and that CKADC was only recently implemented and not fully tested. Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline stood on the tarmac, at the end of the runway, to greet their new friends. They waited…and waited…and waited. The three started playing cards and Axis and Allies.

At around 7:13 PM Pacific Time, Liberty Squadron (made up of over 50 F-35’s, but only 5 were launched that day) was launched to watch for the inbound plane. “This is Liberty Leader. All wings report in.” “Liberty 2 Standing By.” “Liberty 3 Standing By.” “Liberty 4 Standing By.” “Liberty 5 Standing By.” “This operation is now underway. We are to watch for the aircraft inbound from the Land of Aaa. Stand by for further information.”

At the airport, Finn, PB and Marceline were huddled around a radio. Jake was at home, watching it unfold on TV. The ground crew scanned the skies, looking for the plane. CKBC cameras were pointed skyward. The atmosphere was tense, and the adrenaline high.

At last, the message that everyone was waiting for came in. “Learjet-45 spotted over Candy Kingdom Airspace. Moving in to identify.” For all they knew, it could just have been an executive jet with important people bound for New San Francisco.

“Inbound plane, please identify your designation and destination” said Liberty Leader. In the plane, Chuck Yogurt spoke, with Prince Gumball looking on. “Good evening, Liberty Squadron. This is Gumball-1. We are inbound from New Sydney Airport, headed for New San Jose Airport.”

Everyone froze when they heard this. Finn, PB and Marceline held their breaths. Rather and Stevenson went silent. Not a word was spoken.

Finally, confirmation came in. “Roger, Gumball-1. Please change designation to Air Force-1 as planned. Do not deviate from your current flight plan.” “Roger. Over and out.”

The air was now electrifying. Ground crews scrambled to get into position. NSJATC prepared to take comm control of Air Force-1. The plane was over Monterey Bay, on course for New San Jose Airport. Air Force-1 soon entered NSJATC territory. “Air Force-1. Air Force-1. This is New San Jose Air Traffic Control. We have you on radar. Continue on your current course to Runway 2. Welcome to Ooo.” “Roger, New San Jose. Thank you for having us.”

Soon, the plane came into view. Everyone was excited, especially Finn, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. PB couldn’t wait to meet Prince Gumball in person, Marceline was confident Marshall Lee was on board, and Finn was sweating like crazy, wondering if a human was onboard.

Aboard Air Force-1, PG, Marshall Lee and Fionna peered out their windows. They stared in awe at this new continent. The seatbelt sign flashed on. “This is Chuck Yogurt. We are now beginning our final approach. Please secure all carry-on luggage for landing. We’ll be landing in just 2 minutes.” No one dared to breathe.

The plane made its final approach. Liberty Squadron broke off and headed for a landing at Moffat Field. The plane came down…slowly but surely, flaps extended…


The plane slowed to a stop at the end of the runway. Upon wheel-stop, ground crews sprang into action. Airstairs were put into place for the three passengers and the pilot. The engines were turned off, and only the Auxiliary Power Units were keeping the cabin lights on. Fionna, PG and Marshall Lee were instructed to stay on board until they were ready for them. The luggage was unloaded, the waste from the lavatory was emptied into a tanker truck, and the pushback tractor was put at the ready.

Finally, Finn, PB and Marceline stood at the bottom of the Airstairs. Fionna, PG and Marshall Lee were told they were clear to exit the plane, but were instructed not to look out the right-side windows. The three friends on the tarmac held their breaths, as Chuck Yogurt opened the main exit. “Greetings, I am Chuck Yogurt. I was the first to break the sound-barrier in the post-war era.”

Everyone stood silent and still as the three new strangers were about to exit the plane…

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