The first to step from the plane was Prince Gumball. He strode down the Airstairs, and walked up to Princess Bubblegum. “It is finally nice to meet you, Princess.” said PG as he bowed politely. “Same here, Prince Gumball” replied PB as she curtsied.

Next up was Marshall Lee. He walked out casually, looking down at the ground to watch his step, since he didn’t walk usually. But Chuck had instructed him not to float in the cabin. Marceline’s heart was racing. There, was her childhood friend. Her only real friend until she met Finn. “Marshall?” said Marceline. Marshall knew that voice. He looked up, and smiled. “It has been way too long” he replied, as he floated quickly to her and snapped her up in a tight embrace. Finn thought Marshall, PG and Chuck comprised the three people on the plane, but he was sorely wrong.

“Is this all?” asked Finn to PG. PG just stared blankly at Finn, his eyes growing larger. He was looking at another human. Now, he had the perfect weapon to defeat Fionna’s depression. “No, my boy, there is one more aboard!” he replied.

They waited for a bit. Fionna didn’t emerge. “Something’s wrong” said PG, “I’ll be right back.” He went back aboard the plane.

Fionna was hiding behind a seat. She jumped when she heard footsteps. “Just me, just me” PG said quickly. “Something wrong?” he asked. Fionna nodded her head. “I’m very nervous.” she replied. “I know the feeling.” Replied PG. “When I was 8, I was to appear before the Aaa Continental Congress. I didn’t know what they would say about me, but I went after a little pep-talk from my friend, Bonnibel Bubblgum…HEY WAIT A MINUTE!” It was at that moment PG realized that Princess Bubblegum was his old friend Bonnie from his childhood at the Academy. It was all coming back to him.

Fionna watched him mumble and sweat. “Maybe you’re right, PG” she said at last “Maybe I should go out there and meet our new friends. Or should I say, old friend for you!” “And Marshall, apparently.” replied PG. Fionna had made her decision. “I’m gonna go out there and meet our new friends!” she said triumphantly. “Excellent!” exclaimed PG.

PG emerged from the plane. “She’ll be out shortly.” he said. She?, thought Finn. He looked around. He saw PB in mid-thought, Chuck telling some other pilots about when he broke the sound barrier, Marceline and Marshall Lee doing some catching up, airport personnel servicing the diminutive Learjet-45 and CKBC cameras rolling in the ATC Tower.

Fionna took a deep breath. “I can do this. Just remember what Cake told you, Fionna. I am a righteous adventuress, not a sissy princess!” she said to herself. She took one more deep breath, and started for the door. She swore she could her “Chariots of Fire” playing somewhere. When she appeared in the exit, she looked outside. There, standing on the tarmac, was a boy. But this boy was different. He looked just like her. He looked…human. Finn thought the same thing. This moment was about to transmute into a highlight of their lives.

When Fionna first saw Finn, she gasped. Finn also gasped, and stumbled backwards, landing flat on his butt. Fionna also stumbled backwards and hit the other exit door. Both were starting to sweat, their faces growing hot, redder than ever. They were both trembling, not one daring to make a move, lest they start the cliché “Mirror Routine”.

PG stood beside PB. “I once read a study regarding the process of two humans meeting, specifically of the opposite gender. First is Phase One: The Initial Meeting. It involves them making initial eye-to-eye contact, stumbling backwards and staring at each other in total shock. The sweating and blushing are linked to hormones.”

PG was good to his word. Finn and Fionna just sat in their places. Then, they start to move. They got up from their places and slowly started making their way towards each other.

An airport worker had rallied his co-workers to watch the “action”. By now, a group of 15 workers were watching the historic meeting unfold.

Finn and Fionna, meanwhile, had stopped a little more than a foot from each other. They just stared at each other, not believing for a moment that there was another human in front of each other. But something made them believe. Now, Marshall Lee could swear he could hear romantic-sounding music the likes that John Williams would compose.

“Now comes Phase Two: Verbal Contact. This could take some time as they try to muster their voices.” said PG.

Indeed, the two humans (who were still trying to get a sense of what was happening) were trying to make verbal contact, the first step in reality-checking. They were trying their hardest to muster their voices. They also couldn’t think straight.

“This is taking longer than it should” said Marshall. “Don’t worry,” replied PG, “give it some time.”

Finally, Finn broke the silence. “This is awkward” he mumbled. “Yeah”, replied Fionna silently. Finn was starting to see reality, since he got a response from Fionna.

“So, uh, um, uh, anyway, the name’s Finn” “Finn…Finn…Is that with one N or two?” “Two, believe it or not. ” he replied, “And you are?” “Fionna. And just for the record, it’s also spelled with 2 N’s. I don’t know why, but it just is! I always write it that way for some reason!” Both laughed.

“Well, looks like Phase Three can be skipped: striking up small talk. Now for Phase Four: Testing the laws of reality. They’ll think it’s a dream or a hallucination.”

They did. First, they pinched themselves. They were still looking at each other. Next, they slapped themselves across the face. PB got worried, but PG calmed her. “It’s normal” he said.

Convinced this was no dream, now Finn and Fionna were going to test whether this was a depression-induced hallucination, though at this point, their depression was the farthest thing from their minds. They started advancing on each other. With only mere centimeters between them, they slowly raised their hands till they were level with each other’s chests. Then, slowly but carefully, they advanced their hands towards the other person’s hands to prove whether this was a hallucination or not…

Contact. Silence.

Their hands were not passing through each other, but making honest to goodness contact. All of a sudden, both Finn and Fionna felt something in their eyes. This time, there would be no “something in my eye” excuse this time. These were real tears.

Now, they were hotter in the face than ever. As one final test, not part of the study PG had read, Finn and Fionna removed their hats to prove they were human and not “Hyooman”. Seemingly on cue, they took their hats. No gills, no fins, just rich blonde hair. More tears welled up in their eyes.

Finn was feeling something inside of him, as if the empty void in his heart was closing. Fionna felt the same thing, too. I’m not alone, they thought. This turned into spoken word.

Slowly, they tenderly wrapped their arms around each other, before pulling one another in completely. Now, they were releasing their full emotions. A girl he had just met, and already they were hugging. This warmed the hearts of everyone witnessing this historic event.

For Finn and Fionna, these tears were not of sadness, but of joy, though their faces may have said otherwise. Now, they no longer felt lonely. As the last of their depression slipped away, a new emotion took place: Love.

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Behind the Scenes

Believe it or not, I actually had trouble getting through the scene with Marceline and Marshall Lee, as well as PB and PG. From here on out, the story will mainly focus on Finn and Fionna, but I will drop a few side-stories here and there with MarcyxMarshall and PBxPG.