The next morning, it was peaceful. Not a cloud in the sky. The sun was just rising, and Ooo was waking up. Finn was first to awaken. He was on his side, facing towards Fionna. Fionna was also on her side, facing towards Finn. When Finn awoke, he just lay there with a small smile on his face. He couldn’t help but look at Fionna. She looked so cute when she was asleep. Finn lightly kissed her on the forehead, then got up to get some food.

Downstairs, Finn began making toast. He also poured himself a cup of orange juice. Jake was soon up, too. “Morning dude!” said Jake. “Morning Jake.” replied Finn. “Did you sleep well last night?” asked Jake. “You bet.” answered Finn, “Best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks. Just don’t be so loud, OK? Fionna’s still asleep.” “You like Fionna, don’t you?” “Of course I do. Besides being human, there’s something about her that gives me this weird feeling.” “Dude, that’s love.” “It’s something that I’ve felt before when I was around PB or Marceline, but when I’m with her, they’re stronger.”

Soon, Fionna came down. “Morning Finn, dog.” she said. “My name is Jake.” said “dog”. “Oh,” replied an embarrassed Fionna, ”sorry. Say, you remind me of my friend, Cake. She’s a cat who looks just like you. Would you, perchance, happen to have Stretchy-Powers, too?” “Yeah, I do-wait. Did you say Cake? My old next door neighbor?”

When Finn and Jake were young, they lived next door to a family of cats. Finn was never allowed outside when he was young, since he was a force to be reckoned with. It was only when he got his first taste of sunshine that the cats had moved away to the Land of Aaa. “Do you remember living next door to a family of dogs?” Jake asked Fionna. “Yes, I do. But I never got to play with their kids. Cake said it was because I was a force to be reckoned with.” “I clearly remember Cake…which means…we used to be neighbors!” exclaimed Finn. Neither could believe that they used to be so close to each other. Had their families not kept them inside, they could have grown up together. “Now, I’m a little pissed at my dog parents.” said Finn. “And me with my cat parents.” added Fionna, “But, they’re dead, and nothing can keep us apart now.” All of a sudden, the phone rang, causing Finn, Fionna and Jake to jump. Finn answered the phone. “Hello?” said Fionna. “Hey, Fi. It’s PG. Need you and Finn down at the castle for the morning meeting. Just so you know, we’ll be doing this every morning from now on. We’ll also be serving breakfast, too.” “Alright, PG. We’ll be over in a bit.”

Fionna told Finn about the Morning Meetings. “Jake, take my food. We have to go.” They got dressed, then headed for the castle. Along the way, they ran into Marceline and Marshall Lee. “How you guys doing?” asked Marshall. “Fine. Just fine!” answered Finn. “You guys on your way to the morning meeting?” asked Marceline. “Yup.” answered Fionna, “Can’t wait to see what breakfast will have to offer.” “Me neither!” added Finn, “I could eat a horse! But not one with whack poo-brain, of course.” “That happened to you, too?” asked Fionna. “Don’t remind me. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have an Ice Queen as your enemy?” “Used to, but I killed her a few days ago. She was as wicked as the Ice King said she was in that horrid fan fiction.” “You killed her?! How did you do it?!” “First, kicked her tiara off her head. To make sure she couldn’t use it ever again, I destroyed it with my foot. Then, she tried to fight me with a sword, but I knocked it out of her hand. I proceeded to stab her in the chest. Finally, I used a Sword-Beam to annihilate her!” Finn was now wide-eyed. “You’re a totally righteous adventurer like me! We have got to go adventuring in some dungeons sometime!” “Totally!” And with that, they fist-bumped again, with big grins on their faces.

When they reached the castle, all sorts of scents assailed their nostrils (if any were normally visible with the animation style they use). They walked (and floated) through the gates, and found a few soldiers of the Breakfast Kingdom Military carrying some crates. A few were struggling with the heavy crates full of breakfast food. “Need some help with that?” asked Finn. “Any help would be appreciated, Finn!” gasped a soldier. In no time, all of the crates were in. Finn and Fionna went off to find Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball, while Marceline and Marshall Lee headed off to find some red to suck.

Finn and Fionna soon found the Candy Royals. “Morning guys!” said Finn. “Oh, hey Finn! I see your depression is all but gone.” replied PB. “You can thank Fionna for that. Ever since she arrived, my mood has been a lot better. We already have plans to explore some dungeons and beat the tar out of Ice King for that horrid fan fiction he wrote about me and Jake.” “Oh yes. That fan fiction. Maybe me and a couple of the other princesses can come with and beat him up too?” “I’m not sure. It can get dangerous. And it’s my duty to protect you, remember?” “Dangerous? HA! Danger is my middle name!” “I thought it was Bonnibel. Oh wait, that IS your first name! And all this time, I thought ‘Princess’ was your first name!” Wow, you need help, Finn. “SHUT UP, NARRATOR!” Hey, I control your actions and destiny! How ‘bout I have The Lich show up and kill all of you right now?! “I’m shutting up now!” Remember, don’t EVER question me! This is my story, and my rules! “Do I at least get a make-out scene with Fionna?” When the time comes, Finn. When the time comes…

Anyway, they soon reached the Mess Hall. Breakfast Princess and Toast Princess were setting the tables. “Hey, Breakfast Princess, Toast Princess.” said Finn. “Oh, hey Finn!” replied BP happily. Toast Princess never talked. Her mouth was only for the consumption of food. She just waved at Finn. “And who’s this?” “Oh, they’re Fionna and Prince Gumball, our new friends from the Land of Aaa.” answered PB. “She’s human, isn’t she?” asked BP, pointing at Fionna. “Yup” she answered. “So, when will breakfast be ready?” asked PG. “Pretty soon.” answered BP, “You can look at the menu while you wait to see the selections at the buffet.”

Marceline and Marshall Lee soon arrived. “Yeah, I think we’ll be good with just Smucker’s Jam.” said Marceline, “Not much red around, I’m afraid.” “Maybe if we had some red food coloring,” said PG, “you could, in theory, eat the food.” “Or” put in Fionna, “some actual blood! I still have a lot of Ice Queen’s blood on my sword.” And Fionna pulled out a small crystal. “That’s a sword?” asked Marceline. “I think I have an idea of what it is.” Fionna squeezed it, and a whole sword popped up. “WOW!!!” cried Finn, “WHAT A COOL SWORD! I wish I had one like that!” “I found this in the Crystal Dimension.” she said. Indeed, there was still a lot of blood on the blade. “On second thought,” said Marceline, “we’ll just go to Tree Trunks’ place and suck the red out of her apples.” “Suit yourself.” replied Fionna.

Soon, breakfast was served. Finn had French toast with bacon, and a tall glass of orange juice. Fionna had a huge stack of pancakes with hash browns, and a glass of milk. PB had an omelet with sausages and a coffee. PG had what PB was having. Marceline and Marshall Lee had slipped away for a bit to go for some red at Tree Trunks’ place.

Tree Trunks was not happy! “Hey, you two ruffians!” she shouted, “stop sucking the red out of my apples!” “MAKE US!” they shouted in unison. Tree Trunks just about fainted when they turned into their bat forms.

They made back to the castle just in time, as PG began the meeting. “So,” he began, “how did everyone sleep last night? I for one slept well, but that may be because my bed back in Aaa is old and creaky. This one felt like a Tempur-Pedic.” “That’s ‘cause it is, Bubba”, said PB. “How did you all sleep?” continued PG. “Me and Marshall were out pretty quickly.” said Marceline. “I can’t remember when I last slept well.” added Finn, “It’s like Fionna’s presence helped me achieve inner-peace and dream sweet dreams of the adventure’s we’ll have together.” “That goes double for me.” put in Fionna. “I swear, this morning I felt someone kissing me lightly on the forehead”. Finn could only hide under his hat. Fionna knew it was Finn, but she had nothing to complain about. She knew Finn cared for her, and she cared for him.

“Awkward” said Marshall Lee. “Moving on,” said PG, “let us talk about the new Colonial Kingdom. Now, they have already started construction on the first three houses. They are for me, Marshall and Fionna.” “With all due respect, PG,” interrupted Fionna, “but just give my house to colonists. I think I’m just going to live with Finn.” The two humans blushed. “Not only was that very generous, Fi,” said PG, “but also a sign of growing up. You must be wrestling with stronger emotions than you did when me or Marshall are concerned.” Fionna blushed even harder, and looked away. Marshall laughed, and got slapped by PG. “HEY!” shouted Marceline, “Hands off!” Finn and Fionna giggled.

After some discussion regarding the Colonial Kingdom, everyone left. Finn and Fionna headed back to the Tree Fort. “So, um…about what you said,” said Finn nervously, “regarding this morning before you woke up.” “Finn, I’m in no way angry. I have no reason to be. It shows you care about me. And I care about you, Finn.” It wasn’t long before they hugged again.

Back at the Tree Fort, Jake was playing The Legend of Zelda on Beemo. He was on the first dungeon, about to fight Aquamentus. Just as Finn and Fionna came in the front door, Aquamentus had been defeated and Jake got the first piece of the Triforce. “Yeah!” shouted Jake, “Take that, minion of Ganondorf!” “Oh! That reminds me!” said Finn, “we made plans to explore some dungeons today, Fionna!” “That’s right, Finn!” replied Fionna, “Let’s go!” “Maybe we should go get Ice King first. You know, beat the tar out of him!” “LET’S DO IT!” And with that, the two humans departed to deliver ultimate pain to Ice King…