In his castle, Ice King paced nervously. He was certain that he would get beaten today. Whether by Finn, Fionna, or both, he didn’t want to get his face punched in. He put axe-wielding penguins on guard duty in every room, covering every blind spot where someone could hide.

All of a sudden, he heard his Ice Toads go off. “ALARM! ALARM! ALARM!” they shouted. “OH NO!” screamed Ice King, “The jig is up! The news is out! They’ve finally found me!!”

Several floors below, Finn and Fionna were fighting the axe-wielding penguins. “Normally, I avoid animal abuse,” said Finn, “but in this case, I’ll make an exception!” “Same here!” replied Fionna. They drove the penguins back to a stairwell, and blasted them with Sword Beams. Nothing of the fallen penguins remained when they were done. “What now?” asked Fionna. “To Ice King’s chamber!” replied Finn, “I know this place like I do the Candy Kingdom!” “Right!”

Ice King sprinted into his bedroom, and hid under his covers. “There’s nowhere to hide, you chicken blowing little stinker!” shouted Finn. “YOU WILL PAY FOR MAKING SUCH A SICK FANFICTION!!!!” screamed Fionna at the top of her lungs, as she began tearing apart everything in the Ice King’s chamber. Ice King heard all of his stuff get smashed, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was his well-being.

Then, they rushed into his room. “There he is!” cried Finn, “GRAB HIM!” They yanked the covers off of Ice King’s bed. “No! Please don’t hurt me!” “Too late for that!” said Finn, “Fionna here IS real!” “That’s right!” added Fionna, “And I don’t want to date you!” “Now, what to do, what to do.” wondered Finn. “I know! Beat the tar out of him!” suggested Fionna. “I like how you think, Fionna!” exclaimed Finn. And with that, the beatdown began.

When they were finished, every bone in Ice King’s body was broken. He wasn’t going to steal princesses for a long time! “Our work here is done, Finn!” exclaimed Fionna, “should we finish him?” “Nah,” replied Finn, “the readers will get pissy if we do!” “Fine by me. At least he won’t be stealing princesses for a long time!” And on that note, they left the Ice Kingdom.

When they got back to the Tree Fort, they did so to pick up some supplies for their dungeon expeditions. They got their bows and arrows, boomerangs, bombs, shields, slingshots, seeds to use as slingshot ammo, lanterns, lamp oil bottles, fishing rods, anything that Link from Legend of Zelda carries. They soon departed for the first dungeon…

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