The year was 3012. 1000 years ago, in 2012, rising tensions between the United States of America and Iran had led to Iranian invasion of Israel. The NATO struck back quickly. The war intensified when Iran invaded and took over Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The nations of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, heck all of their neighbors fell under Iranian rule.

By now, a dictator adopted a Nazi-inspired regime, which was unofficially named the “Fourth Reich” by the US Government. The Iranian Empire soon took India and Kazakhstan. Feeling super powerful, the IE began the invasions of Europe and Russia. The European Union fought hard, and in the end, the Invasion of Europe was declared a failure. The Invasion of Russia, meanwhile, was going good. The Russian Ground Forces was slowly being worn-down.

By June 2012, the great nation of Russia fell to the IE. With it, came the entire Russian nuclear arsenal. The IE began an invasion of Mongolia, which only lasted 2 hours before Mongolia capitulated. The Chinese were harder to destroy. Use of tactical nukes on both sides caused heavy casualties on both sides on the Chinese front. North Korea allied with Iran and immediately invaded and took over their southern neighbor. This was the call for the NATO to take action.

Within days of the fall of South Korea, attacks on IE ports began. Coastal fishing villages were wiped off the map. Meanwhile, Korea invaded Japan. Despite the best efforts of the Japanese Self Defense Force, the Koreans overpowered them and took over.

A new side entered the war: the Earth Defenders. Led by the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla, he and his friends on Monster Island began a campaign to destroy the IE and Korea. It also meant that Godzilla could return to his family’s old stomping grounds in Tokyo, and destroy it without fear of having too many humans against him.

December 21st, 2012: Zero Hour. The NATO and the IE & Korea entered GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE, in an effort to destroy each other. The ICBMs, SLBMs and ALBMs flew. By the time both arsenals had finished launching their arsenals, a large chunk of Earth (where Japan, the Korean Peninsula and a part of China were) had broken off into space. As for casualties, they were extreme. Millions upon billions of people, both civilian and military, were dead. The IE had even launched missiles at Australia, devastating that continent as well. Only Antarctica was un-hit, but that’s understandable.

Only about 1,243 humans remained. For some reason, species such as deer, dogs, cats, hell any species that didn’t inhabit urban areas, survived. A dark cloud covered Earth, causing it to snow in even Ethiopia. By 2015, the last remaining humans retreated underground. The rest either died from radiation poisoning, or even fused with mundane objects in the environment. Many fused with candy. Others fused with nuts, slime, breakfast items, etc. And that’s where our story begins…

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Behind the Scenes

This prologue is based on a scenario that's disturbingly real. I left out any mention of the characters to shroud them in mystery. But, little-by-little, piece-by-piece, their pasts will be explained. Also, there will be no 13-year old PB or Finn and Fionna being twins, like in my other fanfictions. This is a separate continuity from my other fanfiction stories (which also intertwine with Nikendo7's Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah). Oh, and if you're wondering about Godzilla, read my fanfiction Destruction & Despair.