All episodes and characters (except my version of "Incendium" and Flame Princess) are owned by Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network. No infringement intended. That goes for all of the episodes here.


Here's the basic concept: what if Finn had adventures with Fionna instead of Jake? In this case, Fionna is Finn's biological twin sister. Jake is still around, but as a recurring character who only comes around as the plot necessitates. This concept has been interesting to me for some time now, so I thought I'd do this:

Re-write the transcripts here on the site to give an idea as to what these episodes would be like with Fionna instead of Jake as the second banana.


There are some other major differences to note:

  • Cake, Ice Queen, Lumpy Space Prince, Lord Monochromicorn, and Flame Prince are totally absent.
  • Flame Princess is totally revamped. Instead of being a person who is a walking disaster that must be confined to avoid destroying all of Ooo, she is a kindly girl. Flame King wants her to be evil and destructive for the imminent "Operation: Flame War", but Flame Princess doesn't wish to do any harm. Even her appearence has changed. She has two forms (special thanks to CautionMan of DeviantArt for drawing the designs):
    • Fire Form - In this form, FP is totally made of fire, and also levitates. She is highly vulnerable to water in this form, and she can use her powers to the fullest of her abilities.
    • Humanoid Form - In this form, FP looks more human (possibly is human) with a freckled face and a dress with a short skirt. Note the similarities between her hairstyle and that of Saria from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I happen to strongly support the LinkxSaria pairing, and me and several other shippers have made excuses to make her grow up). She is about as waterproof as a normal human in this form, and can still use her powers in this form, but at reduced power to avoid scalding herself.
  • Prince Gumball is present, as Princess Bubblegum's brother, who aspires to be the best baker in Ooo, with disasterous results. He is not Fionna's love interest here (in fact, Fionna has no love interest).
  • Marshall Lee is also present, as Marceline's boyfriend, which complicates the plot of "Memory of a Memory".


Here, the episodes will be posted. They will be in separate blog posts, like my fanfictions. Note that some episodes haven't had transcripts made for them yet on this wiki. If an episode lacks a transcript, they will be struck through. If an episode has a * next to it, it also means the episode couldn't be adapted to replace Jake with Fionna, especially since Fionna doesn't have stretchy powers. ** means that an episode has been almost totally re-written.

Season 0

Season 1

Season 2

  • It Came From The Nightosphere *
  • The Eyes (Transcript is in disrepair)
  • Loyalty to the King
  • Blood Under The Skin
  • Storytelling
  • Slow Love
  • Power Animal
  • Crystals Have Power
  • The Other Animals
  • To Cut a Woman's Hair
  • The Chamber of Frozen Blades
  • Her Parents *
  • The Pods
  • The Silent King **
  • The Real You
  • Guardians of Sunshine
  • Death in Bloom
  • Susan Strong
  • Mystery Train
  • Go With Me
  • Belly of the Beast
  • The Limit
  • Video Makers
  • Mortal Folly
  • Mortal Recoil
  • Heat Siganture

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5