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(The episode starts with Finn sleeping under a tree and Fionna making breakfast, Finn wakes up and rushes to Fionna)

Finn: (Yawning) Mornin' Fionna.

Fionna: Mornin' Finn.

Finn: Whatcha makin'?

Fionna: Bacon and eggs

(Stove blows up in their faces)

Fionna: Lesson learned: never use Westinghouse products! They're not reliable!

(Finn mops his face)

Finn: Ah, well. Let's go find a restaurant in a town.

Fionna: Wish we had a nice house to live in. Nomadic life is too hard. And lonely.

Finn: At least we have each other.

(They walk for a bit until Lady Rainicorn comes flying by with Prince Gumball on her back; Gumball is muttering angrily to himself)

Finn: Whoa! What was that?!

Fionna: Look! It's Princess Bubblegum's rainicorn! She looked like she was crying.

Finn: And her brother, Prince Gumball! He looked pretty angry.

Fionna: Well, let's go cheer them up. To the max!

Fionna: Yeah! Yeah, let's do it!

(They begin to run)

Finn: Woo hoo!

(Chase after Lady Rainicorn)

Lady Raincorn: (Crying)

Finn: Hey! What's wrong!?

Lady Rainicorn: (Still crying)

Prince Gumball: Well-

Finn: Wanna hear a funny joke!?

Lady Rainicorn: (Cries even louder)

Prince Gumball: Are you retarded or-

Finn: Knock-knock!

Lady Rainicorn: (Cries frantically)

Finn: Who's there?

Lady Rainicorn: (Cries even more)

Finn: Woowoowoowoowoowoowoowoowoowoo, who?

Prince Gumball: You insensitive little puke! Excelsior, LR!

Lady Rainicorn: (Crys and flies away)

Fionna: Bro, that wasn't very funny.

Finn: She's flying into the Ice Kingdom.

Fionna: Aw, the Ice King is an oxymoron.

Finn: Seriously. But what are we gonna do?

Fionna: Survey the situation.

(Pulls out binoculars and looks at Ice King's castle, Ice King is shooting Ice lighting at Lady Rainicorn, Pen sighs)

Fionna: What's up?

Finn: The Ice King is throwing frozen lightning bolts at the Rainicorn.

Fionna: (Puts on the binoculars) That guy is a total patoot.

Finn: He's like 50 patoots!

(Ice King continues to shoot frozen lighting at Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum is behind him)

Fionna: Whoa! And there's Princess Bubblegum!

Finn: (sigh) The Ice King is always stealing Princesses. We're going in turbo time! (puts on a sweater) You want your sweater?

Fionna: I'd be crazy not. (Jumps in air) Howop! (Sweater is thrown up onto Fionna and she comes down) Let's do it!

Finn: What time is it?

Finn & Fionna: Adventure time!

(Jump into the Ice Kingdom)

Finn: Penguins!

(Fall into a horde of penguins and use them to skate down a mountain)

Finn: Mathematical!

Fionna: That was totally math!

Finn: Rhombus! Iceclops!

Iceclops: Did somebody say my name?

(Finn and Fionna scream and jump in a ditch)

Finn: That was close!

Fionna: Oh my Glob!

(Fionna grabs snow, turns it into snowballs and puts it in a Radio Flyer that mysteriously showed up)

Pen: Let's roll!

Iceclops: (Godzilla roar)

Finn: Ice to meet you! (Throws snowballs at it)

Iceclops: Hey, cut it out!

Finn: Snow Golem!

Snow Golem: (Mumbles)

(Finn throws snowballs in its eyes and it crys)

Finn: Flame Person!

Flame Princess (Fire Form): I'm lost. Can you direct me towards the Fire Kingdom?

Finn: That way.

Flame Princess: Thanks.

Finn: Snow problem! (Flame Princess laughs as she flies off) I wonder if I'll ever see that girl again...

Fionna: Maybe someday, Finn. The universe works in weird ways.

(Ice King cackles)

Finn: Hey, Ice King! Stop it!

(Finn and Fionna scale the mountain to Ice King's window)

Ice King (Tom Kenny's voice): What? Get lost, boy! You and your friend can't harm me.

Finn: She's not my friend! She's my twin sister! (Jumpkicks Ice King in the face)

(They fall into the Ice King's castle and begin to fight)

Fionna: Why are you always predatorating on ladies?

Ice King: Well, uh... I'm going to make one marry me.

Finn: That's stupid!

Ice King: Your hats are stupid!

Finn and Fionna: Our hats are awesome! (Jumpkick him again)

Ice King: (With Ice lighting in his hands) I have you now! (Freezes Finn)

Fionna: FINN, NO!

(Scene changes to Mars)

Finn: What's going on? Ab...Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln: Finn, your mind has been transported back in time and to Mars.

Finn: What?

Lincoln: Look.

(Curiosity drills into a rock)

Finn: What-

Lincoln: It doesn't matter, but what does matter is you need to believe in yourself.

(scene switches back to the Ice Kingdom)

Finn: Never!

(Finn breaks out of the ice, Ice King is laughing and carries Princess Bubblegum to the window)

Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch's voice): Finn!

(Ice King flies out window)

Finn: Princess!

Fionna: Let's roll!

Prince Gumball: Sorry I misjudged you, Finn and Fionna. Hop on!

(Finn, Fionna, Prince Gumball and Lady Rainicorn go after Ice King and Princess Bubblegum; When they catch up Finn jumps at them in slow motion and grabs Princess Bubblegum)

Ice King: Wait, what just happened?

(They fall and Lady Rainicorn catches them)

Finn & Princess Bubblegum: Yay!

Ice King: What?! Oh, come on! That is soooo not fair! Guess I should go to Plan B.

Fionna: Hey, sloppy milkshake!

Ice King: Wha?

Fionna: Why don't you find an Ice Queen or something?

Ice King: You're no match for my magical crown which I can't...remember where I got it from

(Fionna punches off the crown)

Ice King: (falling) My powers! NO! Somebody help! GUNTER! CATCH ME, SWEETIE! PLEASE! Wait, who's that on the ground? NO! NOT THE WORM KING! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Back on the ground)

Finn: There you go, Princess. You are free.

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, thank you, brave knight.

Finn: Oh, I'm not a knight. I'm a boy.

Fionna: And I'm a girl. And Finn's twin sister.

Princess Bubblegum: Well, then, thank you, brave boy. (Kisses Finn on the forehead and he blushes)

Finn: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Fionna: Wonder how long this is going to last?

Finn: Hopefully forever.

Princess Bubblegum: (Giggles)

Finn: We got to go, okay, bye, princess. Bye.

Fionna: Where do we go from here, Finn?

Finn: Not sure.

Fionna: Wait, what's that?

(They look upon a massive treehouse)

Finn: Looks like a house.

Fionna: An unoccupied house! Look! A for-sale sign!

Finn: No, it says "Take this place, no charge. It's been unoccupied for 200 years, but is still very much in pristine condition thanks to me."

Fionna: Who signed it?

Finn: Someone named "Edana". Hey, now that we have a house...

(Pulls BMO out of backpack)

Finn: Finally, a place with outlets! Now we can charge BMO!

Finn and Fionna: YAY!

(Episode Ends)