(Finn, Fionna and Rag Wizard are running)

Rag Wizard: Faster! She's in danger!

Fionna: Who is he talking about?

Finn: I have no idea.

Fionna: What?! Then why are we running so hard?

Finn: Because...

Rag Wizard: Because she's in trouble!

Finn and Fionna: Who is?!

Rag Wizard: Marceline!

Finn: Faster!

Fionna: She's in trouble!

Fionna: Hey, wizard, how do you know Marceline?

Rag Wizard: I'm her spirit animal.

Fionna: Oh.

(They arrive at Marceline's house, Marceline lying on her floor, with Marshall Lee over her)

Finn and Fionna: (Gasp)

Finn: Marceline! What's wrong with her?

Marshall Lee: According to the wizard there, she accidently cast a sleep spell on herself, and now she's trapped in eternal slumber.

Finn: Tell us how to break the spell.

Rag Wizard: I'll transport you into Marceline's mind where you will walk through her memories and find the memory core.

Fionna: Then what?

Rag Wizard: Find the memory of Marceline casting the sleep spell on herself. At your touch, you and the memory will be transported back to reality.

Fionna: But if you know all this, why not just do it yourself?

Rag Wizard: Entering a person's mind can be dangerous, and I don't have any arms. Just legs. (Stretches leg towards Finn) Yeah, there we go... oh. (Jabs Finn's forehead with toe)

Finn: What? What'd you do to my forehead?

Rag Wizard: When you get close to the memory, your forehead will glow. Here, take this. (Gives Finn a sack) It's a sack of magic powder. Sit on the couch and sprinkle the powder on your head.

(Finn and Fionna walk over to the couch and sit on it)

Finn: Like this? OW! Stupid couch! (Sprinkles powder on himself and Fionna)

Rag Wizard: Yep, like that. Feel sleepy?

Finn and Fionna: Mmhm.

Rag Wizard: Good. Sleep now. But know this! If you fail, Marceline will be trapped in eternal sleep... forever!

Finn and Fionna: (Gasp)

Rag Wizard: And ever. And ever.

Marshall: Shut up already!

(Finn and Fionna fall into darkness, sleeping. Lights come on)

Fionna: (Yawns) Did it work?

Finn: (Rubs eyes) Ugh, ah. I can't tell. I don't feel like I'm inside Marceline's memories.

Fionna: Me neither. Huh?

(They walk beside the couch, which extends into a destroyed town-like area)

Fionna: Whoa. Whoa! Looks like Iran hit here!

Finn: So... if we're in Marceline's memories, where's Marceline?

Fionna: Hmm... there she is! And Marshall Lee! (Walks up to young Marceline and Marshall Lee) Hey, little Marcie and Marshall.

Young Marceline: Who are you guys?

Young Marshall: Are you NATO Soldiers here to get us to proper shelter?

Finn: We're Finn and Fionna.

Fionna: We're your friends!

Young Marceline: Hambo and Marshall Lee are my only friends. See? (Holds up Hambo and points to Marshall) You need another eyeball surgery, pal. Lucky for you, we found a donor. (Rips button from shirt) Eyeball! Nurse, hand me the string.

Young Marshall: Yes, doctor. It's our last piece.

Young Marceline: Hold still. (Stitches button into Hambo) I'm hurting you because I love you.

Fionna: Ahem!

Young Marceline: What are you guys still doing here?

Young Marshall: I'm starting to get the feeling you guys are ANZC Soldiers.

Finn: We're trying to wake you up.

Fionna: Do you know where your memory core is?

Young Marceline: Nope, but there might be anything behind that cellar door, and it rhymes with memory core!

Fionna: Ooo! Ooo! Could be jams and pickles down there! (Opens door) Weird. I think this door leads to a new memory; with food in it! Ooo, ice cream!

Finn: I want some! Huh?

(Finn and Fionna enter Marceline's room while she is picking her nose)

Finn: Weird.

Fionna: (Opens new door) Come on, Finn!

(Finn and Fionna enter a broken down restaurant, Marceline's dad is her eating fries)

Finn: Yo, man.

Marceline's Dad: Wha?

Finn: Don't eat those.

(Teenage Marceline walks in sees Marceline's Dad eating her fries)

Marceline's Dad: Marceline!

Teenage Marceline: (Sniffling) Daddy, why?

Finn: Great, now the whole thing with him sucking souls in Ooo is gonna happen!

(Finn and Fionna enter a new memory located in the Tree Fort)

Finn: It's our treehouse. This must be when Marceline lived here.

(Slightly younger Marceline and Ash carry and put down chair in the room They fall into the chair)

Marceline: I'm so glad we're doing this, Ash.

Ash: Yeah, me too. Oh, hey, wait. Watch this--I've been practicing. (Summons rose)

Rose: Marceline! I wuv, I wuv.

(Marceline kisses Ash on cheek; rose continues to say "I wuv")

Ash: (Giggles)

Fionna: Who's this guy supposed to be?

Finn: Ash, I guess.

(Finn and Fionna enter a new room through a mouse hole to see Marceline sitting in a chair)

Marceline: (Sigh)

Finn: (Sniffs) This place reeks.

Fionna: Yo, bro, your thing is glowing.

Finn: My what? (Touches forehead) Oh, my thing.

Fionna: We must be close to the core. I see another door over there. Come on.

Finn: Wait a sec, Fionna. It's that guy again.

Ash: Hey, open your eyes, look at this, Mar-Mar. Check it out. It's my new wand. (Holds a flower with four cherry blossoms) These cherry blossoms, look, look as close as you can, and they're real.

Marceline: (Puts a finger near a cherry blossom and gets zapped) Wow. Awesome. Where'd you get the money for that thing?

Ash: Oh, I sold that teddy bear that you love so much. To a witch.

Marceline: You what? Are you crazy? That was my favorite thing in the whole world!

Ash: That's why it's so valuable, genius--for potions.

(A ghost comes out of the wand)

Cherry Blossom Ghost: You're not a genius. You're not a genius.

Marceline: (Crying) That's the last straw, Ash! That's it! You're a psycho jerk, and you ruined my life. Marshall Lee was a better friend than YOU EVER WERE!

Ash: But--but not all of it!

Marceline: It's over, you psycho!! (Stomps out of room)

Fionna: This way, Finn! Check out this wacked out memory crack! It's ba-nay-nay down here!

(They enter Marceline's memory core)

Finn: The core.

Fionna: All these orbs must be her memories.

Finn: How are we supposed to know which one to grab?

Fionna: Play hot-cold with your forehead!

Finn: Alright. (Moves along the memory core) Hot or cold?

Fionna: Cold. Definitely cold. So cold, I feel a draft.

(Finn continues moving)

Fionna: Warmer. Warmer, warmer! Whoa, hot. Hot, hot, hot! That must be the one!

(Finn grabs memory)

(Finn and Fionna wake up with the memory orb in their hand; it gets grabbed by Rag Wizard, who has arms now)

Finn: (Wakes up) Huh? Hey, you have arms.

Ash: That's right, genius.

Fionna: Huh?

Finn: You lied to us.

Ash: The important thing is... Marceline's awake. (Magically beams Marceline awake)

(Marceline wakes up)

Finn: Marcie, Marcie! You're okay

(Finn and Fionna rub Marceline's hair, Marshall Lee hugs Marceline, Rag Wizard takes off his wardrobe revealing himself to be Ash)

Marceline: Quit touching me.

Finn: You had a magic accident, and we saved you with some help from your wizard friend.

Marceline: That's Ash.

Finn and Fionna: Ash?

Marshall Lee: WHAT?!

Marceline: He's not my friend; he's my boyfriend.

Finn and Fionna: What?!

Marshall Lee: NO!

Ash: That's right, babe.

Marceline: Ash, what's going on?

Ash: Just picking up my girl for a night on the town; at my place.

Marceline: That's sweet. (Kisses Ash on the cheek)

Finn and Fionna: What?!

Marceline: Oh, grow up you guys. I'm going to go freshen up.

Ash: That's a relief.

Marceline: Oh, Ash.

Finn: What?

Ash: Don't you guys get it? I outbrained you. That wasn't the memory of a sleep spell you brought me. That memory was our break-up!

Marceline:(In memory orb) It's over, you psycho!! (Orb is popped by Ash)

Ash: That's enough of that!

Marshall Lee: But-but I'm her boyfriend!

Ash: Not anymore! It was my plan this whole time to steal Marceline from you, Marshall Loser! And now, to dispose of you so you don't try and bring Marceline back!

(Ash casts a spell and spawns several Iranian Soldier zombies)

Fionna: Oh, no!


Finn: Crap!

Ash: Yup. Come on, Mar-Mar, let's go.

Finn: No, Marceline!

Ash: Ashicus Flyicus. (Flies away with Marceline)


(Finn and Fionna make short work of the zombies)

Marshall: They're gone, man. He took her! I'M GONNA KILL HIM!

Finn: Don't worry, Marshall! I got the flightpath. (Looks at a scanner) Ah. Follow me.

(Finn, Fionna, and Marshall Lee, accompanied by Young PB, arrive at Ash's house)

Finn: This is it?

Marshall: Me and Marcy come here and tag his house alot.

Young PB: So what's the plan?

Finn: Um. Okay, Fionna, you take that shovel and keep banging it against that shed until Ash comes out to see what's happening. Then I'll sneak in, and I'll rescue Marceline. Marshall, you'll sneak up on Ash and take him. Peables, you're with me.

Marshall: I'll break his f***ing neck!

Fionna: (Fist bumps Finn) Nice. (Bangs shovel against shed and Tiny Goblin comes out)

Tiny Goblin: My house! What's happening? No, don't hurt me!

Fionna: No, no, sorry.

Tiny Goblin: (Screams)

Fionna: Shh, shh, wait!

Tiny Goblin: Help, somebody help me!

Ash: (Bursting out his front door) What's all this hullabaloo?!

Tiny Goblin: Help! Help!

Ash: Hey, hold it, you, get back here! (Chases after Fionna, and Marshall starts sneaking up)

(Finn arrives through the house's chimney)

Marceline: Finn? Bonnie? What are you doing? You can't be here! Ash doesn't like me hanging out with mere mortals.

Finn: Yeah, okay. Sorry, Marceline, I'll go. I just gotta show you something first. (PB shows Marceline sack of magic powder)

(The powder puffs into a big cloud and they are transported to Finn's memories)

Marceline: Hello? Finn? Bonnie?

(Marceline opens a door to see a baby Finn and Fionna singing Baby Song, She stops watching and starts laughing, Finn and PB show up)

Finn: Hey, there you are. (Closes door) You didn't see anything.

Marceline: Finn, Bonnie, what's going on? What is this place?

Finn: It's me and Fionna's old house. That magic powder--it put you in my memories. Me and Fionna were in yours before, but Ash tricked us into stealing your memory of you breaking up with him. But it's okay because I saw the memory. Now I have a memory of your memory in my memory. See? (Holds memory orb to Marceline)

Ash: (Memory Orb) Oh, I sold that teddy bear that you love so much. To a witch.

Marceline: (In memory orb) It's over, you psycho!!

Marceline: Guys, I think I'd like to wake up now.

(Finn, PB, and Marceline exit his memories and are walking out of Ash's house)

PB: Now, when he comes around, I'll bring in the heavy artillery.

Finn: You gonna be okay, Marceline?

Marceline: Yeah. Thanks, Finn, I...

Ash: Yo, Mar-Mar. What--What's with the chumps? I thought I said no chumps. (Pats his belly) Ash gets hungies at 8 o'clock. You need to get back in the kitchen and make me dinner.

Marceline: (Angrily grunts with a scowl)

PB: I'm no chump! I'm royalty! SO TAKE IT BACK!

Ash: I want a turkey sandwhich with tomato.

Marceline: (Grunts once more)..

Ash: Also pickles.

(Steaming, Marceline kicks Ash in the crotch, Ash groans in pain)

(Ash falls down, and Marceline continues to kick him. Finn starts jumping on Ash, and PB punches his face.)

Ash: (Groaning): Ohh...I can't see...Somebody call The Lich...

(They back off, and Marshall Lee impales him with a sword)

Finn: So, Ash was working for The Lich.

Fionna: For what gain?

Marshall Lee: To use Marceline's powers for evil.