(The episode begins in the Candy Kingdom, Jake is playfully chasing Lady Rainicorn)

Jake: Yeah, you think you're pretty way up there but just you wait!

Lady Rainicorn: 나 잡아봐봐~ ("Catch me if you can.")

(Finn, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum are in a cemetery with a table full of different chemicals)

Princess Bubblegum: Three more drops of explosive diarrhea.

(She adds the explosive diarrhea and a giant cloud shaped like a skull puffs out)

Finn, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum: Oooo...

Finn: Hey Princess Bubblegum, when we bring the dead back to life will it be filled with worms?

Princess Bubblegum: No. If my decorpsinator serum works all the dead Candy People will look as young and healthy as you do.

(Finn does a "Tarzan-yell")

Princess Bubblegum: Pick up that platter, tough guy.

(Finn picks up a serving platter and open the lid, revealing a Candy Person corpse)

Fionna: Old Mr. Creampuff?

Princess Bubblegum: (Giggles) We used to date. (Applies the serum)

(Mr. Creampuff's corpse starts to glow and overflow with the serum)

Finn: Something's happening! Come on, come on...

Fionna: Oh, boy, this is going to be big!

Princess Bubblegum: Work.

(A zombie Mr. Creampuff arises and moans)

Finn and Fionna: Algebraic!

Princess Bubblegum: Wait, something's wrong.

Zombie Mr.Creampuff: SUGAR! (Squirts serum out of his eyes and mouth)

Finn, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum: Ew!

(Zombie Mr. Creampuff leaps into a giant test tube. The test tube falls and infects the whole cemetery. Zombie Candy People begin to arise from their graves)

Finn: Look, the decorpsinator serum is working!

Princess Bubblegum: No, this is wrong. They're not coming back to life--they're still dead! The decorpsinator serum--it's incomplete!

Zombie: Must eat sugar!

Fionna: (Pushes him back down) You're grounded, Mister.

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, this is really bad. They're going to be attracted to the Candy Kingdom!

Finn: Why?

Princess Bubblegum: Because the Candy People are made of sugar, ya ding dong!

Zombie Mr. Creampuff: (On Princess Bubblegum) Give me some sugar, baby.

Finn: Chew on this! (Kicks him)

Princess Bubblegum: (Giggles) Good one, Finn. Quickly, to the kingdom!

(They run out of the cemetery)

Fionna: (Kicks another zombie) Get a life!

(Princess Bubblegum is at the top of her castle, ringing a large bell)

Princess Bubblegum: All citizens of the Candy Kingdom! Report to the palace, immediately!

(Candy People mumble in confusion and walk to the palace)

Jake: Whoa!

(Jake and Lady go off to the palace)

Princess Bubblegum: Hurry, sweet citizens.

Finn: Alright, you heard what the princess said! No shoving! Come on!

Fionna (Through a megaphone): Come on, single file!

Jake: Dude, what's up?

Finn: The princess will explain everything. Tree Trunks, get those hot buns in here, girl.

Tree Trunks: (Carrying hot cross buns) Oh, I hope it's not bad news.

(Princess Bubblegum and Finn close the door, while Fionna looks on with worry)

Finn: Do we have everyone?

Manfried: All present and accounted for.

Fionna: Thanks, Manfried.

Manfried: You're welcome.

Princess Bubblegum: Citizens, we are assembled here in the foyer for a momentous announcement. We are going to have... a slumber party!

Finn and Fionna: What?!

(Crowd cheers)

Finn: What about the zom-- (Princess Bubblegum covers his mouth)

Princess Bubblegum: Go ahead and start partying.

Finn: (Voice muffled) But, Princess, the undead--

Princess Bubblegum: (Carries Finn and Fionna to the lab) We'll be right back everyone.

Jake: Whooo!

(In the lab)

Princess Bubblegum: You guys, the Candy People can't know about the zombies.

Finn and Fionna: Wha?

Princess Bubblegum: If they knew, they would flip out.

Finn: What do you mean, "flip out?"

Fionna: Have a fit of backflips?

Princess Bubblegum: I mean they would flip out.

(Scene changes to the cemetery; Starchy arrives with a shovel)

Starchy: Princess? It's me, Starchy the gravedigger. I brought you a larger corpse shovel. Oh, Princess? Well, I'll just wait for you here, then. By the mausoleum. With my back turned. And my defenses lowered.

(A Candy Zombie comes out of the mausoleum and goes up to Starchy, Starchy starts to scream and gasp and then he explodes in a flash of light, back at the castle)

Finn and Fionna: Candy People explode when they get scared?!

Princess Bubblegum: Not telling the Candy People about the zombies is so important that you two need to promise, Royal Promise, not to let anyone find out about the zombies, ever.

Finn: Okay, sure.

Fionna: Sounds cool.

Princess Bubblegum: No, guys. You have to Royal Promise.

Finn: Yes, I Royal Promise.

Fionna: Me too.

Princess Bubblegum: Now I must cloister myself in the lab and finish the equation for my decorpsinator serum. You two keep the candy folk distracted and ignorant. Can you do that?

Finn: Yes, your highness.

Fionna: Yes commander!

Princess Bubblegum: Good. Don't tell anyone about the zombies. Never ever. (She leaves)

Finn: No, wait. Can I at least tell (Jake enters) Jake?

Jake: Tell me about what, dude?

Finn: You know, about the outbreak of zom-- (Fionna covers his mouth)

Jake: (Chuckles) Alright, what's going on?

Finn: Uhh, nothing at all, buddy! (Laughs awkwardly and skips into the foyer; Fionna follows closely after)

Jake: Hey, dude. I think you and Bubblegum are up to something.

Finn: Ahha ah, what? No, no way.

Fionna: Yeah, uh, everything's peachy!

Jake: Whoa, you guys are up to something. Is it some sort of prank? Can I get in on it?

Finn: (To party-goers) Who wants to play "Truth or Dare"?

Jake: Hmm...

Fionna: Chocoberry, you may ask someone to tell a deep truth or a saucy dare.

Chocoberry: Mr. Cupcake, truth (pronounced "souce" due to accent) or dare?

Mr. Cupcake: Dare.

Chocoberry: I dare you to take off your wrapper.

(Everyone goes "Oooh")

Jake: (Shoulders Finn) Hey seriously, man. I'm your friend. Friends are supposed to tell friends everything all the time. What are you and Bubblegum up to? Is everything alright?

Finn: Yep! Fine! Everything is great! Heh, heh. (Crinkling sound) Except for that. Whoa.

Fionna: That is something I can never unsee.

(Mr. Cupcake has shed his wrapper)

Peppermint Butler: I didn't know he was chocolate.

Mr. Cupcake: Jake, truth or dare?

Jake: Truth.

Mr. Cupcake: Do you prefer chocolate or fudge?

Jake: I can't eat chocolate or fudge 'cause I'm a dog and they'd probably kill me, but probably... neither. Finn! Truth or dare?

Finn: Dare! Haha!

Jake: I dare you... to tell me the truth about what's going on in your mind. What were you and Bubblegum talking about when you were alone together?

(Everybody goes "Oooh")

Finn: (Nervously) Umm, ahh, the truth is, ahhh...

Fionna: Oh boy...this won't end well...

(Finn visualizes Princess Bubblegum's face on Jake)

Hallucination of Princess Bubblegum: You promised you wouldn't freakin' tell anyone! Oh, you're so cute, Finn.

Finn: Ahhh... the truth is... that I'd rather play Dodge Socks!

(Finn throws a sock a Jake, Princess Bubblegum's face goes away; Fionna follows up with another sock)

Jake: I'm not playing dodge socks 'til you two stop dodging my questions. Hey... (Sniffs socks) Old Mr. Creampuff? Isn't he dead?

Finn: Hey, give me my sock back! Dodge Socks was a bad idea!

Fionna: Mine too!

Jake: Whoa. Look guys, just tell what's up, 'cause you are crazier than a cannonball tonight.

(Finn and Fionna looks out a window behind Jake and see the zombies coming)

Finn: (Thinking) Oh, my glob! Princess hasn't finished the equation and the zombies are here!

Fionna: (With a telepathic link to Finn) What do we do, bro?

Finn: (Replying via telepathy) I don't know, sis, but a solution will present itself soon. I'll stall them for now.

Finn: We, uh, just want this slumber party to be super fun, and if we did have something to tell you, we would in a second, and it would make our lives easier, unless there was something stopping us, like a promise, but there isn't, so we won't, so it's cool.

(Zombie arises by the window behind Jake)

Zombie: Sugar!

(Finn shuts the shutters)

Jake: What? You lost me.

Finn: Umm... Hey, you know what time it is?

Jake: Adventure time?

Finn: No, time for Seven Minutes in Heaven! You're first.

Jake: Really?

Fionna: Lady Raincorn! In the closet with Jake!

Lady: 뭐? 나? 웃겨 정말. 그래, 좋아. 하자. ("What? Me? You gotta be kidding me. Okay, then. I'll play.")

Jake: Okay, okay, alright. (Closet door closes) But in seven minutes, I'm gonna come out and make you spill your beans, Finn.

Finn: We can't hear you all the way in heaven!

(Finn looks out a window, a horde of zombies shouting "Sugar" comes and begins banging on door)

Chet: Umm, Does anyone else hear that?

Fionna: What? Hear what? I, I don't hear anything.

(Candy People begin to murmur)

Chet: I hear something I don't understand... and it makes me scared! (Begins to shake)

Finn: What? No, Chet. Everybody, wait. What noise? You mean this noise? (Turns on a radio and party lights comes on)

Chet: Oh. (Laughs)

Finn: Yeah! Dance it! Bust it up! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh!

Fionna: Let's get it on like Diddy Kong!

(A zombie comes out of the door, Finn and Fionna rush to the door, grabbing a table)

Chocoberry: What is this game you are playing right now, Finn and Fionna?

(Finn and Fionna barricade the door with the table)

Finn: Uhh, it's... Blockado. The game of barricades. Come on, let's block all the entrances and windows!

Fionna: It's also a game simulating what it was like during the war, when Iranians busted into American homes to clear them out, and civilians fought back by pushing them back with random items!

(Candy People cheer and begin blockading the doors and windows before the zombies can come in)

Finn: Alright, this is not a permanent solution. Think Fionna, how can we keep everyone from finding out?

Manfried: Find out about what, Finn and Fionna?

Finn: Manfried, the talking piñata! Your convient appearance gives me a great idea. Everyone, grab a stick! New game! We're gonna smash some piñatas!

Manfried: What?

Fionna: Except for you, Manfried.

Manfried: Oh, thank goodness.

(Finn and Fionna takes somes strips off of Taffy Girl)

Finn: Now everybody don these blindfolds.

Fionna: (Whispering) Thanks, Taffy Girl.

(Finn and Fionna runs into the middle of the blindfolded Candy People swinging sticks)

Finn: Alright, everybody, get together. I'm hanging the piñatas... (The zombies burst throught the barricades) They're all around you. Smash the piñatas!


(Finn, Fionna, and the Candy People smash all the zombies)

Finn: Yeah! You guys are on fire!

Fionna: I don't smell smoke.

Finn: It's an expression.

Fionna: I knew that. Just messin' with ya, bro!

(Chocoberry smashes a zombie, causing candy to fall out)

Chocoberry: Hmmm, it's so delicious.

(All the Candy Zombies are smashed and the Candy People are eating their candy)

Finn: Yes! Our improbable planned worked! (Jake and Lady come out of the closet)

Jake: Whew!

Lady: 안녕! ("Hello!")

Jake: Seven minutes up yet? (Grabs a jelly filled doughnut and eats it) Whoa! (Runs to Finn and Fionna) What the nuts happened here?!

Finn: Oh, we killed all the zombies that Princess Bubblegum and us raised from the dead.

Jake: Really!?

(Time freezes)

Finn: Jake? What's going on?

Fionna: Are we in the Twilight Zone?

Finn: I don't know...

(Princess Bubblegum enters)

Princess Bubblegum: What? Huh? Oh, guys! Did you break your Royal Promise?

Finn: Yeah, but, I mean, all the zombies are dead. The Candy People won't freak out. What's the big deal?

Fionna: Did we anger the ghost of Rod Serling?!

Princess Bubblegum: This is really, really bad, guys. You can't break Royal Promises. Never, ever, never. No matter what, forever.

(The room starts shaking)

Princess Bubblegum: The Guardians of the Royal Promise are coming for us.

(A hand bursts through the ceiling and grabs Finn, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum and pulss them outside)

Finn, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum: Whoa!

Guardian 1: Finn and Fionna the Humans. You have broken a Royal Promise for which the penalty is trial by fire.

(Guardian 2 breathes fire)

Finn: That's stupid.

Fionna: Do we get a lawyer?

Princess Bubblegum: Wait! They're my friends! Isn't there another option?!

Guardian 1: Yes. Because you care for the promise-breakers, we will give themm a less hot trial. You must now answer...

Guardian 2: ...Math questions!

Finn and Fionna: Mathematical!

Princess Bubblegum: Guys, you're terrible at math.

Finn: Awww.

Fionna: We're doomed!

Guardian 1: Now, solve this! (Puts Finn and Fionna in front of Guardian 2, who puts up a hologram of an overly complicated math equation)

Finn: Uhh....

Fionna: Is it natural for my brain to be hurting this much?

Guardian 2: Wait, wait, I thought of a better one. (Replaces the equation with one that says "2+2")

Guardian 1: Yes! Two plus two. Solve it or die.

Finn: Uhh. Four, right?

Fionna: I second that answer.

(Guardians laugh)

Guardian 1: Oh, correct.

(Guardians heads explode and time rewinds, night becomes day, Guardian 2's head comes back and he talks backwards and goes back to sitting and blowing bubbles around the Candy Kingdom)

Finn: What's happening, Princess?

Fionna: Yeah, what?

Princess Bubblegum: You've defeated the broken royal promise! The Gumball Guardians are resetting!

(Guardian 1 drops Finn, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum, who teleport back to Princess Bubblegum's lab)

Finn: Slamacow! That was tops! Who's not good at math? I was all "Four!"

Fionna: We totally made short work of them!

Princess Bubblegum: Four, four... Four, four, four... That's it! The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!

Finn: You're welcome!

Fionna: No one ever acknowledges the lesser people in this cruel world.

Finn: Here, here, sis.

Princess Bubblegum: '4' is the last figure I need to perfect my decorpsinator serum.

(In the foyer, Princess Bubblegum pours the serum on a zombie)

Revived Zombie: Golly!

(Finn, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum pour the serum on all the zombies)

Finn: Woohoo! Yeah!

Fionna: Freebird!

Jake: This is messed up, but sweet.

Lady Rainicorn: 진짜로. ("Truly it is.") (Finn, Fionna, and PB revive more Candy Zombies)

Candy Person 1: Uncle Chewy!

Candy Person 2: Grandma!

Ice Cream Lady: All of our dead relatives!

Jake: Starchy!

Starchy: Mornin'.

Jake: (Walks over to Finn) Man, you guys broke a Royal Promise? You're both nuts. All you had to do is say that it was a royal secret. I know what's up.

Princess Bubblegum: I hope you two grasp the full consequences of breaking promises.

Finn: Heck yeah! If we break a Royal Promise, we get to fight zombies, throw slumber parties, awake Gumball Guardians and... and...

Princess Bubblegum: Alright, alright.

Finn: And reverse death itself!

Fionna: And be the bringers of life!

Princess Bubblegum: Oh, you are adorable. But keep your promises, okay?

Finn: I will, Princess.

Fionna: 10-4!

(Finn notices Starchy gnawing on his leg and picks him up)

Fionna: Starchy, you're not a zombie.

Starchy: I can't help it. Flesh is delicious!

Finn: You're delicious!

Starchy: Don't squeeze me! I'll fart!

(Finn squeezes him, Starchy farts and the episodes ends)