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BNSF1995 March 10, 2014 User blog:BNSF1995

Well, here we are. Over a year and five months later, Season 5 is finally coming to an end. And it's about time. This season has been exhausting and full of alot of events and revelations.

  • Hambo still exists, or rather, existed
  • Princess Bubblegum is starting to lose her mind
  • Finn is no longer the last human
  • We learned the origins of BMO and Flame Princess
  • Jake's kids were born, but Status Quo is God, so they grew up fast
  • Due to a big misunderstanding, FP dumped Finn, and is seemingly in a relationship with Cinnamon Bun now, and a legion of fans are pissed
  • Prismo is a cool guy
  • Adventure Time is starting to attract more and more Star Trek actors; we had Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Marina Sirtis, all from TNG; previously, we had George Takei and Michael Dorn; William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick Stuart are likely next
  • Magic Man will do anything for food

Now we turn our attention to the last episode of Season 5 before serious speculation for Season 6 (and a breather period) begins.

So, this episode is basically acknowledging once and for all that Billy was Killed Off for Real by having Finn complete his bucket list as a final tribute to the hero cold-heartedly slain by The Lich.

Not really expecting anything big, but I do know one thing...

Party Pat

PARTY PAT (and Andy Samberg) ARE BACK!

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