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Lately, I have been writing some Adventure Time fanfiction here. They are:

Current Ideas:

  • Finn & Fiona: Finn meets Fiona as the Candy Kingdom prepares for war with The Lich.
  • Trip to the Moon: Trudy drafts Finn & Fiona for an important mission to the moon. The Daleks are featured.
  • Adventure Time: The Musical: A Broadway adaption of "Finn & Fiona".
  • Shock & Awe: Princess Bubblegum's hatred for the Duke of Nuts explodes & she declares all-out war on the Nut Kingdom. With the Tree Fortress in the middle of the battlefield, Finn & Fiona must defend their home from the Nut Kingdom.
  • Adventure Time: The Movie: The war with the Nut Kingdom escelates in this live-action blockbuster spectacle.
  • 13 Again: A lead-on to "Finn & Fiona", PB's feelings for Finn get the best of her & she creates a de-aging serum (through complications).
  • LEGO Adventure Time: The Video Game: Self-Explanatory.
  • Adventure Time with Doctor Who: Finn & Fiona meet The Doctor (known as Doctor Who in my fanfictions) & fight the Daleks.
  • Live-action Trilogy: 5 more live-action movies.
  • Destruction & Despair: An ogre (really Godzilla) attacks the Candy Kingdom.

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