Atop the stricken Fireproof Suit, Finn layed down on his side and cried. Flame Princess noticed a drop of water hit her fire. It slightly hurt her, but not much.

Flame Princess went up to the top of the stricken suit, and landed at Finn's side.

"Huh?", said a confused Finn.

"You're...a water elemental?", she asked.

"What? No! I'm a human!", replied Finn.

"A human?! I thought they were extinct!"

"No, I may very well be the last human."

All of a sudden, something clicked inside Flame Princess' brain. Everything went black.

When she awoke, she felt...different. She didn't feel like a Fire Person anymore. She looked at her hands. No longer were they orange, but some sort of...white-ish color. She looked down at herself. Blue shirt, blue skirt-short hybrid thing, white socks, black Mary Jane shoes. A pond just happened to be next to her. She looked at her reflection. She was wearing what she guessed was a rabbit hat, and a lock of blonde hair was sticking out. Everything went black again.

When next she awoke, she found herself restrained on a table. Hovering over her were Flame King, her "father", and The Lich.

"Shall we begin?", asked Flame King.

"Yes. Put her under now.", replied The Lich, in a voice FP could have sworn she heard in a space movie about spaceships, hairy creatures, people who use telekinesis as a powerful weapon, robots, clones, giant space stations that destroy planets, giant robot camels, and a wrinkly old man who shoots lightning from his fingers. Everything went black again.

When she next woke up, she found herself feeling like herself again. She was staring down Finn angrily, like she did a half-hour ago. She couldn't control herself, and yelled at Finn and slapped him. But this time, she didn't feel right. She felt regret, sorrow, and above all, guilt for what she did to Finn.

She awoke in the real world again. Finn was silent.

"Are...are you alright?", asked Finn.

"I need to go home and..." Flame Princess didn't finish, and just rushed off. Finn was left confused, wondering why she left him in suspense.


The next day, Finn was sitting on the couch, his pictures of Princess Bubblegum nowhere to be seen, and the wad of her hair still on the side of the Tree Fort by the broken window. He couldn't stop thinking about Flame Princess.

All of a sudden (speak of the devil), Flame Princess flew in through the broken window.

"FINN! HURRY!", she shouted.

"What! What's going on?!", he frantically asked.


Finn andd Flame Princess rushed out the door. Jake didn't even bother to ask, let alone tag along. This affair was out of his hands.

"What happened? And why do you need armed protection?", asked Finn as they ran.

"I told my father I knew the truth!", she answered.

"The truth?", asked a confused Finn.

"I'll explain when we get to the Candy Kingdom! How far is it?"

"We're here."

Flame Princess looked foreward. "Oh. That was short."

"You obviously haven't been outside of the Fire Kingdom, have you?"

"I don't know. Let's get to Princess?"

"Princess Bubblegum.", corrected Finn.


Finn and Flame Princess rushed past understandably scared Candy People. Flame Princess was in control of her emotions, and wasn't trailing fire.

When they reached the castle, Princess Bubblegum was apparently waiting for them.

"I thought you two might come", she said. Flame Princess couldn't shake this feeling about PB, like she reminded her of someone.

They went up to PB's laboratory. PB had several books out, all about Fire People and elemental stones.

"Our armed forces will hold off the Fire Kingdom forces while we sort this out.", said PB. And with that, she shut the window, pulled down the blinds, and opened a book.

"OK," she began, "this is what I read: 'Fire People are born in multiple ways. First: natural birth from a Fire Person. Second: rising from the lava of the Fire Kingdom. And finally: conversion by a Fire Stone'."

"Fire Stone?", said Finn and Flame Princess in unison.

"This is what it looks like." And PB showed them a picture.

"Hold on...let me see that." Finn took the book and studied the picture of the Fire Stone. Then he looked at the stone on Flame Princess' forehead. He glanced back and forth between the picture and Flame Princess.

"No...", he finally said, "It can't be..."

"What? WHAT?!", asked Flame Princess quickly.

"That stone you have is a Fire Stone!", exclaimed Finn.

"WHAT?!", cried Flame Princess.

Flame Princess touched the stone on her head. She pushed on it slightly, and it moved a bit. Finn and PB looked on nervously.

"I always thought this thing was a birth mark of sorts."

"Maybe that's why you're misunderstood. You're not a Fire Person!", said Finn, as the camera zoomed in on his face. "No dramatic zoom-in's necessary!"

Flame Princess knew Finn was right. She really wasn't a Fire Person, but...something else.

"It says here that if the Fire Stone is removed, the Fire Person will turn back into their prior species." Finn and Flame Princess perked up at this.

"I think you should do it, FP.", said Finn.

"Yes, I think so, too.", said Flame Princess.

Flame Princess knew there was no turning back. But she didn't care. She had been lied to by her so-called "father". She was made as a living weapon to conquer Ooo. She would kill the Flame King when this was over.

"Are you ready?", asked PB.

"Yes.", she answered, "For myself, the Land of Ooo, and especially for Finn, I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Go for it, FP.", said Finn, who was blushing after she said that last thing.

"Here goes nothing..."

It came off easily.

For a few moments, Flame Princess felt normal. Then, all of a sudden, she cringed in pain and collapsed.

"What's going on!", asked an extremely worried Finn.

"She's beginning the transformation process.", answered PB.

Then Flame Princess shot to her feet, as a strange glow began coming from her hands.

"This could get-UGH-destructive! *GASP* STAND BACK!", shouted Flame Princess through the pain.

Finn and PB ducked for cover behind a table. FP breathed heavily as the glow began to envelop her head.

And then...


The energy emitting from her came out in one big, violent explosion. The lab was enveloped in pain. Finn could barely hear FP's screams (all the while, it seemed FP's voice was changing) over the loud rumbling. He could also faintly hear gunfire outside.

At last, the rumbling stopped, and the glow faded. A whole column in the lab had fallen and broken. The flames started to go away.

Finn and PB peered over the table to see FP. Finn's jaw dropped in total shock.

"No...that's not true! That's impossible! It can't be!"

There, standing in the middle of the room, was a blonde-haired girl. But this girl wasn't just a girl. She was a HUMAN girl!

Immediately, Finn took a book out of his backpack. The title: Fionna & Cake, Volume 1. He flipped to a page where Fionna had her hat off.

Finn gasped all of a sudden. "No. No! NO!"

"Finn, what's wrong?", asked PB.

"Tell me you don't see the similarities between Fionna and FP."

PB glanced back and forth between the illustration of Fionna and FP.

"My god.", said PB, "Who knew Ice King was a good storyteller?"

"That's not the point! Don't you see? Flame Princess was Fionna this whole time!"

Finn looked back over to Fionna (formerly Flame Princess). She was still wearing the dress, but he could see features only a human would have. Her skin, her hair. Her beauty.

Fionna cringed again, for the last time this time, as she exhaled a golden dust of some sorts.

That was the end of the pain. Fionna dropped to her knees, then sat down. She breathed a sigh of relief, and felt a wave of peace come over her. Then she heard gunfire, and the sound of Flame King.

"I think we should tie up some loose ends.", said Finn, slyly. "Hand me a sniper rifle."

"Dragonuv?", asked PB.

"With water bullets!", exclaimed Finn.

Fionna sat there silently and watched as Finn made his way over to the window. He kicked it open and started aiming. Fionna got up and moved over to the window.

"This is the day when the tyranny of the Fire Kingdom ends!", said Finn through gritted teeth.

"Aim for the crown.", said a voice. Finn knew Fionna said it. "Trust me, it works."

"I'll take your word for it.", replied Finn, smirking. Fionna smirked back

He saw the crown of the Flame King and prepared to pull the trigger...


The bullet hit Flame King's crown right off his head.


And with that, the once mighty Flame King was dead.

Under these circumstances, the protocol is to fight harder to avenge the monarch's death. However, a Fire Soldier dropped his gun, turned around, and ran away, screaming. The other Fire Soldiers followed suit.

"They're on the run!", shouted a Candy Soldier.

"Only one thing left to do: turn the hoses on them!", said another Candy Soldier. All he heard was crickets. "Oh come on! Nothing?!"

"He's right.", said a third soldier. "Water is their natural weakness."

With that, the soldiers started marching in the general direction of the Fire Kingdom.

"Super Soakers! Get your Super Soakers!", said a random vendor. All of the soldiers happily took one each.

"Mega Soakers! Get your Mega Soakers! Don't trust Super Soakers!", said another vendor. They all dropped the Super Soakers and got Mega Soakers.

"Cotton Candy! Get your Cotton Candy! Can't destroy a Kingdom without Cotton Candy!", said a third vendor. No one paid him any heed.


"They're retreating!", exclaimed Finn with ecstasy.

"Now, let's finish them off!", exclaimed PB. Fionna remained silent, but followed them.

Finn, Fionna, and PB rushed to the roof.

"PB, maybe we can use your Liquid Fireworks to bombard the Fire Kingdom with rain.", said Finn.

"Yeah!", replied Finn.

Finn and PB set up the fireworks, and made sure their trajectory would allow them to airburst over the Fire Kingdom.

Finally, they were all set up.

"I'll give you the honors, Finn.", said PB, as she handed the firing remote to Finn.

"Alright, let's destroy a kingdom!", yelled Finn.

Finn counted down from 10, then pressed the button.

But the rockets didn't go off!

All of a sudden, they heard a loud rumble.

"What. Is. THAT?!", cried Finn.

"Oh dear, I forgot about that.", said PB.

"What did you make? WHAT DID YOU MAKE?!?!?!", screamed Finn.

"I made a Liquid Firework out of a large rocket I found while on a trip to Cape Canaveral. It'll destroy the Fire Kingdom, I guaruntee it 100%!", replied PB.

Both Finn and Fionna's eyes were bugging out now.

"Oh, I gotta see this!", said Finn, as he pulled 2 pairs binoculars from his pack. He handed the other pair to Fionna.



The rocket was headed on a ballistic trajectory and would airburst over the Fire Kingdom (A/N: Just so you know, the rocket is a Delta II). First, 6 of the 9 boosters separated and were sent on a crash course into the Ice Kingdom.

Ice King fainted when he saw this!

Next, the last 3 boosters separated and were sent into the ocean for later recovery. Then, the first stage separated, and the second stage fired. After a bit, the second stage separated and crashed down in the Grasslands. Then, the fairing was jettisoned, revealing a large water-filled warhead. The third stage engine didn't fire. Rather, its thrusters were used to keep the warhead on course.

Finally, the warhead separated. Now free, it was about to embark on a new journey, ready to carve out its own destiny, and make a name for itself.

Then it airbursted.

A torrential rainfall was the result.

"Look at that! Look at that! WOO-HOO!", shouted Finn.

"This day will go down in history as the day the Fire Kingdom and its communist goverment were destroyed.", said PB.

"Its what?"

"You'll learn soon enough."

Where the Fire Kingdom once was, there was now only a huge column of steam. When the Candy Soldiers entered the Fire Kingdom, it was now nothing but rock. The lava had hardened. The rocks had cooled. The temperature had dropped to 56 degrees. Rocks marked where Fire People had died from exposure to water. The Candy Soldiers all cheered.


Finn and PB high-fived.

"We did good, PB, we did good!", exclaimed Finn.

"We totes did, Finn!", replied PB.

"Did ya see that, Fionna? Fionna?" But Fionna was nowhere to be seen.

Fionna had slipped away. All of her memories were coming back now. She was once a righteous adventuress, who roamed Eastern Ooo in search of adventure with her best friend, Cake the Cat. She had always had a crush on Prince Gumball, prince of the Gumball Kingdom, which looked like the Candy Kingdom. On weekends, she jammed with Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. Cake's boyfriend was Lord Monochromicorn, who was also PG's loyal pet. Then there was Lumpy Space Prince. Uh...yeah.

Then, when she was converted by Flame King and The Lich and became Flame Princess, she killed all of her friends. She was also used as an instrument of death, murdering millions of innocent people. She never had any memory of going insane, but now, she did. And the images of her friends' blood-curdling screams as they burned to death, those of the people she killed, and the sounds of Finn crying atop the stricken Fireproof Suit, haunted her. So much, that she started to cry.

Finn found her back in PB's lab, bawling her eyes out.

"Whoa, whoa, what's wrong?", asked a very concerned Finn in a caring tone.

"I *sniff* remember everything I did as Flame Princess. Terrible things. I-I killed millions of innocent lives, including my friends.", she replied tearfully.

Finn couldn't bear to see her so sad for something that wasn't her fault at all.

"Fionna, please don't cry. It wasn't your fault. It was a bunch of evil people who wanted to take over the world."

"But it is! I tried to escape, but I failed! I'm weak, pathetic, and a murderer!"

"You're not a murderer! Far from it."



"And you forgive me for slapping and nearly incinerating you?"


"I still can't forgive myself."

"You will in time. But until then, I'm here for you."



At that, Fionna literally through herself at Finn, gripping him in a tight hug. Initally caught off guard, Finn returned it. Neither wanted to let go of each other, as the gravity that they were both human and not alone in the world.


Over the next few days, Fionna (now back in her old clothes PB found) stayed in the Tree Fort, not wanting to face the outside world. Finn gave her full emotional support, and she used him as an emotional crutch.

A few days after the ordeal, Fionna finally left the house. She only stayed in the front yard of the Tree Fort, but Finn was there.

A day later, she and Finn headed for the the Ice Kingdom to rescue Space Angel Princess. Ice King didn't put up any fight at all, as he was too shocked over the existence of Fionna.

For Finn, his love life was complete.