Apple Wedding. Blade of Grass. Rattleballs. These are the names of episodes coming out in January,

First off, Apple Wedding. The official AT page on Facebook posted a picture of Finn in a tux with an anti-LSP symbol on his head. People speculated that Jake and LR were getting married, or PB and Marcy, or Finn and FP, or FP and some other guy (if the latter happened, I'd rage-quit the show). But the title says it all. It's Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig. 'Bout time, too.

Next, Blade of Grass. A cursed grass sword sounds interesting.

Finally, Rattleballs. Finn seeks sword fighting training from an old gumball robot. Not only does it sound like another two-parter, but the concept of a gumball robot sounds alot like Benson from Regular Show.

So, looks like we're set for some good episodes. Still no FP (unless she crashes the wedding and is revealed to have turned evil), but we are getting more TT and Pig. Can't wait for January!