Well, FP's coming back.

You know what I'm going to say...

It is imperitave that they get back together!

That's not my only concern, though.

FP says she doesn't trust "her". Judging by this quote, not to mention the title, it's probably safe to assume Marceline will be in the episode. About time FP met Marceline!

UPDATE #1: This episode is making me both nervous, anticipated, and suspicious. Why suspicious, you may ask?

I was checking the TV Guide, and I saw that this episode is paired with "Go With Me" from Season 2. Either "Red Throne" will see Finn trying to repeat what he tried with PB in "Go With Me", or "Go With Me" will be a contrast of the events of "Red Throne". In other words: the Finnceline shippers might finally have their way.

Still, Finn and FP getting back together would be the preferred outcome. If its just a lead-up to something big in season 6, my peace of mind can be restored. If Finn and Marcy get together, I'LL CALL PEN A HYPOCRITE!

UPDATE #2: More and more, I'm getting the feeling that CB doesn't like Finn and FP being together. In the preview, he pulls FP to the front, away from Finn. What if CB is really a genius who used mind control to break them up to get revenge on Finn for something we never saw?

Also, the guy in the title card. Who is he? He's arm-wrestling FK. He is the true king of the Fire Kingdom and FK is just a figurehead? Did he mastermind the break-up of Flinn? Is he the Chessmaster? What is his master plan?

Finally, I know now that the reason this episode is paired with "Go With Me" is because of the Valentine's Day theme they have that night. Regular Show and Annoying Orange have new Valentine's Day-themed episodes, and the Steven Universe episode "Bubble Buddies" is also on that night (not sure about it being paired with "Frybo", though; it's hardly love-related and more of a B-horror movie).

UPDATE #3: An interesting post came up on AT's official Facebok page, referring to FP being poisoned by her treacherous handmaiden. So, this means that Cinnamon Bun has gone bad! I knew it...

The post in question.