In the history of the Adventure Time Wiki, we must never forget the Shipping Wars that tore this wiki apart and pitted brother against brother. So far, I can remember three wars:

  • Fubblegum vs Finnceline - Finnceline conceded when the ship was made canonically impossible in "Go With Me", but several still cling to their beliefs, mainly on and DeviantArt
  • Fubblegum vs Flinn - Fubblegum was annihilated on the night of July 30, 2012 when Finn and Flame Princess kissed; the war briefly restarted following "Frost & Fire", but ended once more in "Too Old"; Flinn was taken down in a moment of pure Mutual Assured Destruction in "Earth & Water" and "The Red Throne"
  • Flinn vs Finn x New Character vs Single Finn - The current war. While not as vicious as Fubblegum vs Flinn, this war still gets fought on a daily basis. To my knowledge, a fourth faction, Canyinn, has formed, but is very small and mostly shunned

NOTE: I am not trying to glorify the wars that drove off users such as RedZephyr1. This page is simply a place to reflect, to memorialize the users driven off when the wiki no longer became fun, and to share our war stories.

To my knowledge, the Fubblegum vs Flinn war was the most vicious in the history of the wiki, almost equalling the Kataang vs Zutara wars of the Avatar fandom.

Also, to my knowledge, Bubbline and Fiolee were never involved because Bubbline allied with Flinn and Fiolee never had any opposing ships to begin with due to the unpopularity of the Fumball ship.