Hey guys! It's been officially one year since I joined this wiki and it's been a great time. Thank you all for making it a wonderful year. You all mean so much to me, you're all like my second family. I love you!!

Special thanks to...

  • 27finnsprincess (one of my first friends on the wiki and my forever guurl <3)
  • Flambo the Epic Epic(; (super awesome guy who has the funniest pictures)
  • Sweet Princess (MY WAIFU! Super sweet and funny and amazing!! <33)
  • Sabahwashere (she's so fun and random and asdfghjkl; ouo)
  • Order Soldier (I didn't like him at first because of his scary avatars but he's pretty chill bobobobobobobo xD)
  • Happy Smoothie (I kow she hasn't been on lately, but she's still one of my first friends I ever made here. I LOVE YOU!! )
  • Flame Prince Finn (THE best artist EVER!! <- my role model btw)
  • A hero boy named Finn (mah dawg lol xD it's an inside joke btw)
  • RoseSweets (MY OTHER WAIFY <33 She's nice and super awesome!!)
  • The Lich (a RADICAL dude!! LICH LICH LICH LICH <- another inside joke btw)
  • LichPrince (The Lich's babeh? xD So awesome even though not active much :c)
  • Puckxkus (soo amazing!! I love her art style :D)
  • Sek (LOVE YOU GUURL <3)
  • ArkanJoe (is korean so dun make fun of him for not knowing much english. YOU'RE AWESOME!! heheh xD)
  • Sky Monster (a really awesome guy!!)
  • Blugo34 (a really really good admin and very helpful! =D)
  • Freakingamer ( nice to everyone!! I'm pround to call him my bro)
  • Fablefire (has grat taste in cartoons and is really fun to have on chat!!)
  • Ser (THE MOST sweetest person in chat!! Really! Always greeting the newbies and stuff!)
  • Dmandude (REALLY nice and awesome!! Like seriously, be his friend!! :D)
  • AwesomeFelix (dis dood is like seriously da best, I stalk him liek everyday)
  • Veeko (princess cadence is better durrr)
  • And more people!!! I'll keep adding so dun be sad! :D

To show my thanks, I'll draw everyone who comments an avatar! You have to comment something ABOUT THIS BLOG please. Don't do something like "comment" so you can get an avatar! You can however post some funny pictures or whateves. I'm immune to negetivity! Fire away trolls! Don't wait too long though, I might change my mind if this gets outta hand!

I also made these, which can be added to your profile! I hope some of you use them!

27 Emote 2 This user is a fan of 27. We love you, Mia!!

Sweet Princess emote This user thinks Sweet Princess is amazing!

Emoteoda This user is Odalicious!!

150px-4654270.png This user know that Sky isn't a monster.

FPFChat This user thinks FPF is a radical dude!

I'll make more later!

Thanks to everyone, I got my waffles!! :D

Avatar Waiting List

Due to me being a donk, I'm drawing these avatars in groups of 4 instead of 2. It saves me time, and it's faster so you wont have to wait longer. I'll also make them in templates so you might have the same pose as someone else, sorry!

btw... these are in order of request:

and YES I WILL do everyone, even if I don't know you because I WILL try to keep my promises. Please wait though!

Set 1 - Sweet Princess, Ace, ElectricMayham, 27finnsprincess = done!!

Set 2 - RoseSweets, Fluffy, Suprsilver, Ser - done, yo!

Set 3 - Blugo, ColdSurrender, Flame Prince Finn, Lawli

Set 4 - FG, thecreeper, fablefire, kt1999 (whaoo like 3/4 boys what da ducks)

Three at a time! I'll add more when I finish these. Wish me luck!