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2013 Summary

Beemo December 24, 2013 User blog:Beemo

─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ NYOOM

Hello there! With New Year coming soon, let's remember what happened this year! ヽ(❁≧ω≦)ノ

If you remember something leave it in the comments and I will add it!!


People that have left :'(

  • Shipt
  • Sabersworn
  • Flame Prince Finn
  • Fiolee
  • IAmRawr
  • Blugo34
  • Sky Monster
  • Pinkamena Dianepie
  • Nihi the Brony
  • Marcaline
  • ♥Christine♥
  • XxXBK27XxX
  • Elemental wiz
  • Aura Victini
  • LittleGhostPrankster
  • Juan The American Brony
  • DerpyHoovesFIOLEE
  • PrinceoftheFireKingdom
  • Thefinnlink
  • RandomKitten
  • Sumersprkl
  • Lady Shoko
  • Adventure Time Noob
  • Prismo's brother(plk)
  • TheMostBoringManInTheWorld
  • Superxgame
  • Yuzura
  • Doomsdaynger
  • Fioleeflights
  • FAF
  • Icanhascheezburger
  • The Lich
  • Flambo327
  • RPF
  • Fluffy105
  • Beemo Blitz (my irl cousin :c )
  • Andre
  • Musha
  • AwesomeFelix
  • VQO
  • Redzephyr01
  • Minichurro5 (he shall be missed)
  • Doomy
  • Soul Wolfy
  • Peebles/Flame Wolfy/Other names
  • ShanleySparkles
  • Meganunan
  • KKnana
  • Freekingamer
  • Happy the neko-mander
  • White on black
  • More...

Remember when...

Stuff that happened

  • Everyone was a mod for a day on April Fools?
  • The Mionna ship was made?
  • We had Wiki Families?
  • We (almost) had the Drawing Marathon?
  • Everyone was obsessed with the word "Puhoy" on chat?
  • The ;) emote was switched with a picture of a panda bear for about a week?
  • Wiki relationships? (It still happens oddly enough)
  • Shipping people? (It also still happens)
  • There was a whole entire fan-based project called Camp Solace?
  • A blog about toaster ovens literally got at the top of the popular blog posts?
  • Everyone celebrated News Years together on chat?
  • All those fun Tinychats we've had?
  • When everyone made an
  • When I made the Sock Song? (we dont talk about the sock song nope no more)
  • When the chat marriage wiki got restarted?
  • When we all had to use default chat because the colors were mixed up on the current theme?
  • Garlic bread?
  • The admins made all those dumb rules about foaters and music and pictures? And then they just stopped caring later?
  • Theere was art contest made by the Staff?
  • We kicked all those trolls from chat (like a baws)?
  • We got to see each others faces on tinychat? (proves that we have such a strong bond as a community c:)
  • Bellamy came and made admin in just a few months?? (you are awesome bellamy!!)
  • MCcomics's fanfics? She's a sweet girl ily MC <33
  • More...

Important Blogs

Some of the best blogs we've had

Honorable Mentionings

Thank you friends for making this a great year <333

  • 27finnsprincess
  • Bro Strider
  • Fionnathecat
  • Gazerkids
  • Sabahwashere
  • Michael Conners
  • AcePhoenix 007
  • Odaceus
  • Yogurt Spill
  • Flambo the Epic Epic(;
  • PrinceGumball22
  • Flame Princess
  • IamATfan67
  • Becca
  • Rainbow Piggy
  • Bizzib
  • Finn Murtons
  • Incendium's Burning
  • Order Soldier
  • FinnAwesome
  • ATG
  • Happy Smoothie
  • Sek
  • ArkanJoe
  • RoseSweets
  • Tavisource
  • DeviantSerpent
  • Ins4nekazuma
  • ItzAwesomesauce
  • Minichurro6
  • CHolt
  • Tigerlily
  • Shojo-chan Cat
  • Shishiwakamaru
  • SuperCP99
  • A hero boy named Finn
  • Hunson
  • Animatorevil19
  • More...


They are new and very nice please talk to them ily guys!!

  • Tigerlily
  • More...

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