Ok, you clicked this so I assume that you think you know what is going on. I'll tell you anyways. I have written (well not yet) a fan-fic and features an oc (yep, I know you guys HATE ocs but oh well). I'm not giving away names yet but if I keep this up, i'll add names. I know it's sucky but i'll get better. And YES this is a fan-fic, but the characters come in later. So enjoy... I guess.

?????'s POV

I have been locked in here, for who knows how long. Each night and day, I been kept in this cage they call home. I was not an animal, I wanted to be free, but that wish was very selfish. I was told I was lucky to be here, lucky to be alive. I didn’t belong here, but I couldn’t leave. I can’t go.

My father is a scientist. He was experimenting with some chemicals to make a secret weapon capable of mass destruction. He wanted something useful but instead, he got me. He then raised me as my own. Teaching me to be evil, to kill without mercy. I followed my father’s order and did as I was told. He would give me a pat on the back and a smile and I knew everything would be alright. His smile made me feel like I was here for a reason, like I wasn’t a failure.

Then everything changed when I met him.