This was taken from the comment I made on my " I draw users" blog.

I know there has been a lot of drama on the blog because of my carelessness and you all probably think im lieing about what happened but let me ask you this. "'Do you all think im that sick? Do you think I would do something like thus just for my own amusement? Playing you like a puppet in a sick little game? Is that really who you think I am? I would never do something like this just to get a laugh. I though you would understand but I was wrong. Im going to stop drawing now. I hope you all understand why. You can all hate me, I don't care. I just want you to know that the person who was on wasn't me and will never be. Thank you.

I hope you all understand what has to happen. I have decided to stay on the wiki just to edit and contribute to expand the wiki. You will rarely see me on chat but I will still be here, well unless I decide to quit for good. Im sorry it has to come this. I would like to tell that I wont be drawing anything. anymore. I quit drawing for good. I just dont have to will to do so anymore.

For those who thought I was lieing, im not mad at you. I dont like to hold grudge. Goodbye.