There are many blogs that are posted to tell their opinion on this "situation" . I also have an opinion on this situation and I hope one day you will follow in my footsteps. Adventure time is a mathmatical show and so is MLP. I like both shows equally. They both have fun characters and exciting episodes that I came to love. What I don't understand is why we are fighting about which show is better. I would like to tell you to stop argueing about this. This has gooten so bad that people are sending DEATH THREATS. Thats right, death threats about this. I would also like to tell you that blogs are used to find someones opinion about something (episodes, characters...) so there is no need to bash on someone's thoughts. I am asking you all to stop this "war" and take the neutral side. Join me and we can stop this crazyness TOGETHER.

Here is a comment that I have posted on a blog that I think will also convince you to join my side':

Ok I really dont see the problem here. There are bronies and there are adventure time fans. Why can't we have both? Im pretty sure there has been some at fans in the mlp wiki so why not bronies on the at wiki. Both shows are great, why cant we like both?

On the other side, there seems to be too much ponies on an at wiki. So this "issue" could be fixed by just making it so there wont be ponies. Yeah, good luck with that. You see guys we like stuff, and you can't stop it. Its like going to New York and telling all the ethnic groups to go back to where they came from. Of course their not going to do that. So are bronies.

Why can't we have both mlp and at? Why are people hating on other people's favorite shows? Why am I asking you these questions when I can just tell you to think about it? WE CAN LIKE ALL THE SHOWS!

Here is another comment that I have posted on the same blog that I think is both informing and funny:

Adventure time. mlp. spongebob. avatar. Long ago the four nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the crazy people attacked. Only the Avatar, watchers of all four show could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A couple weeks past and Flambo the epic and 27finnsprincess discovered the new avatar. An adventuretimebender named Beemo. And although Beemo's convincing people skills are great, Beemo has a lot to learn before Beemo can save anyone from the crazy people. But I believe Beemo can save the wiki. DONT BE A CRAZY PERSON! LIKE ALL THE SHOWS! 

Thank you for listening to me. I hope you all join me and make peace in is wiki, and others too.

Also, Im asking you very politely to stop sending death threats to 27finnsprincess. She didn't do ANYTHING wrong. If you want to be mean to her your going to have to go through me first. Also, I forgive you Iron Rigby (if your reading this)