HNI 0046

1. Head and Face

HNI 0048

The hair is a little hard to master, Make it very detailed

HNI 0049

add lines to split the arms from the body. Then, add a simple shirt.

HNI 0050

Coloring should be easy, if you dont want shading, just do original color and dont put lights and darks.

HNI 0051

Add darks far from the light source. Add light colors near the light source. Blending colors help mix the darks to the original.

HNI 0052

Advanced Blending: Make a lot of shades of one color (ex. Blue)

HNI 0053

Advanced Blending: Use your opacity settings to mix the colors that are next to each other until it looks smooth.

HNI 0054

If you can do it, it will make your art awesome.

HNI 00361

If you master blending, you can make art like this ( I did this on Art Academy but it works on almost any program)